Why You Should Never Grow Up.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Never “Growing” Up.


Once you have seen something you will never be unable to see it.  

Once your eyes have been opened to the truth, that truth will be imprinted on your mind.


You can do your best to forget what you saw.

To forget what you know. 

But it will never happen.  

It will always be banging against the walls in the back of your mind, reminding you of it’s existence.

The more you try to ignore it, the worse it will become.  

Once you see the truth you never go back.

It is the greatest blessing to be able to see that which most cannot see.

But it is at the same time, a great curse.  

I saw the light when I was very young.

One book led to another.

I developed an obsession with finding the truth and I eventually found the truth.  

The truth set me free and sent me down a very different path than most people.  

I knew what was going on around me and I was aware of the Big Joke.

What’s the Big Joke you ask?  

I will not tell you because you must see the truth for yourself.  

I’ll give you a little hint though.

The Big Joke is at work doing it’s job when people tell you that you need to Grow Up.

Now I am not talking about people telling you to Grow Up and take responsibility for your life.

That is a different story.

If you are not taking responsibility for your life then you should grow up and take responsibility for your life. 

This however is not what normal people mean when they tell you to Grow Up.

It certainly isn’t what I mean when I say Never Grow Up.

Owning your life and taking full control of your life is extremely important – you must be responsible for YOU.

Unless you want to be a victim and live a meaningless life.

So what do I mean then?

Read carefully and you will learn.

Do not let the world tell you who you are – think for yourself.

Do not let the world tell you what you should be doing with your life – decide for yourself what and who you will become.

Stay young at heart and never forget the dreams you had as a kid.

That is what I mean when I say Never Grow Up. 

Never forget who you wanted to be when you were a child.

In our youth we all know what we want to become.

We don’t care what anyone thinks about it.

Then we grow up. 

We follow conventional advice from conventional people living conventional lives.

Get a good job and be like everyone else.

Stop standing out and we start fitting in.

Compromise and just accept what’s given to you.  

Grow up.  

Give up.  

This is terrible advice.  

They are really just telling you to go be a slave for your entire life and pretend to be happy about it.

How about fuck you. 

Never grow up or you will forget who you are.

Never listen to the bullshit advice given by normal people.

Listen to your gut instinct instead.

The world we live in today is designed to make you a slave.

If you are not paying attention you will wander straight into the slaughterhouse where your dreams will be cut to pieces.

You will end up living a nightmare without knowing when or how it happened.

If you are not careful and you listen to other people you will simply fall into the same trap they did.  

Debt and a soul crushing job that leaves you no energy to think.

No energy to pursue what you truly want from life.

You will do nothing but work to make money so you can pay all the bills that you must pay.

This is the game we are all playing.

Complaining about this game changes nothing.

Instead of complaining, accept it and learn how to win at it.

The first thing to know about the game is that the conventional script for living life, which is jammed down your throat by almost everyone –  is a very Fucked Deal.  

A deal that will be pushed on you by the people who took the deal.

These people are trapped and they have no soul anymore.

They let it die a long time ago when they took the deal with the devil.

They used to have dreams and things they wanted to do.

Back when they were young and still had a soul.

Back when life had flavor and excitement.

Now they just have debt and work to be done to pay off that debt.

Look in their eyes and you will see nothing – they are slaves and they know they are slaves.

They followed the advice of all the normal people around them.

They wandered straight into the slaughterhouse because they were not paying attention.

This is why you must pay attention.

Open your eyes and look at what you are walking into.

Don’t just do what you are told to do.


People who fell for the Big Joke cannot see any alternative to the conventional way of living life because it is all they know.

They will do their absolute best to convince you that you need to do the same thing they have done.

If you are not careful you will start to believe them because they can be very convincing. 

They will tell you to use their script.

The same script all normal people use.  

It’s comfortable and secure.

It’s warm and cosy.

It is very tempting to listen to them.

Most people will listen to them.

Just keep in mind that if you do follow their script, you will become nothing but a fat fucking cow ready to be milked by the government.  

You will work your entire life, you will forget who you are and you will never know what true freedom is like.

You will feel your soul dying inside you and it’s death will manifest as a feeling of purposelessness that you cannot escape.  

But at least you will have comfort and security.

At least you will have a good job and a regular income.

At least it will be easy and within your comfort zone.

At least everyone will accept you.

The conventional script for living life will make you a slave.  

If you disagree then Fuck You. 

When people tell you to grow up what they are really saying is stop trying to write your own script.

They want you to follow theirs instead.

It’s a script that plays out the exact same way for every single person..   



Credit Cards.



Living for the weekend.

Conforming to social pressure and doing what everyone else does.  

And Consumption.  

The conventional script is powered by consumption.  

The idea that buying shit will make you happy.

The belief that you need to own nicer things than everyone else in order to be successful.  

This results in Debt.

Debt is what keeps people shackled to jobs their entire lives.

Debt is was prevents them from ever being free.  

When you go into debt, you flush ownership of yourself down the toilet.

You are now owned by someone else.

Do not take this path if you want to live life on your own terms and be free. 

This conventional path will do nothing but make you a slave because that is exactly what it is designed to do.

If you still disagree then Fuck You Some More. 

How is anyone supposed to enjoy getting out of bed at 6am every morning, to spend the next ten hours doing what they don’t like doing, almost every single day of the week?

People have themselves convinced they have to do it because there is no alternative.

They pretend they are happy and they pretend they like their life.

They don’t be real.

Here’s something to think about:

If you have to force yourself to think positively all the time, maybe your life is the problem and instead of thinking positively all the time, you should fix your life. 

All that time that you waste doing what you don’t like is time that you will never get back.

The seconds that you waste doing what you don’t like are seconds that you will never get back

Time is finite and the substance of your life, yet we all use it like we have an infinite amount.

If you are going to work full time you better be doing something you want to be doing.

You better have a good reason for working all the time.

You better be happy.

Because if you are not, you are throwing away all of your time for little pieces of paper called money.

Everything has bad days and good days regardless of what you do but if you are miserable all the time, something is wrong and something needs fixing.

I fell into the trap of doing what I didn’t want to do, just for money.

I didn’t even see it happen because I wasn’t paying attention.

I fell into it because I stopped listening to my gut.  

I listened to other people instead of my gut.

I ended up doing nothing but working all the time just to make money.

The Big Joke almost got me, until I remembered who I was.

At least I got to see firsthand what life is like for people living the Big Joke.

They live for the weekend when they can just be who they are instead of putting on a mask and pretending they are happy.

They make just enough money to get by.

They are shackled to their job because of the debt they are in.

The people who push this way of living onto the young people who don’t know any better can Get Fucked.

There is another path and it is a road less travelled.

A hard road but not hard in the sense that it will kill your soul like the conventional road.

Hard in the sense that you will be criticised and shit talked by a lot of people.

It’s the only road worth travelling because at the end of this road, is a life that was worth living.  

At the end of this road you will take your final breath with contentment because you sucked the marrow out of life and did things your way.

This is the road of never growing up.

This is the road of staying young at heart and living your life as an adventure instead of a prison sentence.

There is no map and nobody pointing the way like they do on the conventional road.

There is just you all on your little lonesome rejecting conventional thinking and writing your own script.

It’s lonely at first and you will be looked down upon by all the idiots who sold their soul to the devil.

You will eventually meet people like you along your journey and you will eventually find a tribe of rebels living life on their own terms.

This path leads to freedom.

It leads to a life that is fun and meaningful to live.

It sounds a little bit like this:  

Work part-time so you have enough free time to educate yourself, be creative and figure out what you really want out of life.

Seek out mentors who have lived life how you want to live it and will give you their support.

Stay out of debt and live below your means so you do not lose your freedom. 

Find a way to make yourself money doing what you like to do instead of what you have to do.  

Ignore everyone unless you want what they have and always listen to your gut feeling.  

Do the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do.  

Do what everyone tells you can’t be done and smile in their face while you do it – then watch the admiration and jealousy come your way when you pull it off.

Don’t grow up and don’t give up your dreams.  

Be a Success Rebel instead.   

Do exactly what you want to do and laugh at anyone who thinks they can tell you how to live your life.  

At first it will be hard and you will struggle as you begin writing your own script.

Especially if you fell for the Big Joke because you’ve probably forgotten who you are if you did fall for the Big Joke.

If you have forgotten who you are, you will need to wander for some time until you remember who you are.

To remember who you are, you just need to look inwards and listen to your gut instinct instead of seeking the answers from other people.

At first you may be unable to hear the voice inside you because the outside world is too noisy.

Ignore all this noise outside and eventually you will start to hear your inner voice again.

If you are young and didn’t fall for the Big Joke – you know exactly what you want because you have not forgotten who you are yet.

Do not pretend that you don’t know because you do know.

If somebody put a gun to your head and demanded you tell them what you want you would give them the answer.

Stop seeking approval from everyone around you and just do what you want to do because you will never live life on your own terms if you seek approval.

Maybe what you want is something everyone thinks is ridiculous, but it’s what you feel in your gut is right for you.

I cannot tell you what you want because I do not know.

Only you know.

There is no clear-cut path and nobody to hold your hand if you take the path of the rebel.

So you will learn to think for yourself.

You’ll learn to listen to your heart and do exactly what you want.

You’ll become deaf to the bullshit advice given to you by normal people.  

You will never grow up. 

Until next time.  

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