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Subject: Doing You.



That is the secret to achieving greatness in your life.

You must Do YOU.

Not someone else.


We are all born as individuals with a genetic makeup that will never occur again.

We all have talents and inclinations that are completely unique to us.

We are unlike anyone else.

There are things about us that set us apart and make us who we are.

Abilities that only we have – nobody else.

These unique abilities are the essence of who we are as people.

Some people are born athletes – their body is perfectly suited for a particular type of movement and they have obvious talent from the very beginning.

Some people are excellent with their hands and make great craftsmen.

Others are artistically inclined and can produce works of genius with nothing more than a pencil.

Every single person is unique and no two beings are the same.

Just as two trees planted next to each other grow to be different sizes and shapes – so people all differ from each other in some special way.

Every person is naturally suited for a particular activity.

A calling that fits perfectly with how they are put together as people.

This calling speaks to them in a language that does not consist of words – only feelings.

It acts as an invisible force.

This invisible force manifests itself as inclinations and natural talents, drawing people to particular fields of work.

In our youth these inclinations are very strong and we openly express our interest in things we find interesting.

Our creativity is on fire and we explore the world around us through our imagination – our minds are completely free and not filled with all the bullshit they become filled with as we grow up.

They are empty.

They are like water.

Observe children at play and you will see what I mean.

They have no opinions.

They simply observe the world and try to understand life around them.

But then we are forced into the rigid conventions and routines of society.

We are forced to grow up and conform.

Years of schooling and training to fit into the conventional mould kills a lot of our creative spirit.

We slowly lose touch with what made us unique as young people.

We lose touch with who we really are – we forget our true self.

To compound this, the pressure is put on us as we near the end of school to choose what we want to do to make a living.

From every angle we are pressured to figure out what we want to do with our lives.

An image is created where the only options are go to University for a degree or get some form of trade.

There is no in between.

There is nobody telling you to forget choosing a career right now and just go live your life – which is exactly what you should fucking do. 

If you are lucky and have smart people around you, they will take the pressure off you by assuring you that it is ok to not know what you want to be doing – that you will only find out by trial and error with various types of work.

You need to discover what you like and what you do not like regarding work.

Instead of being encouraged to do this though, most people are put under pressure by parents and teachers.

Usually this is enough to force them into conformity with what other people want for them.

Then, losing touch with their creative spirit and who they really are – they move into careers they are not suited for.

Careers chosen under the pressure to conform.

Not careers chosen based on natural talent and inclination.

Not careers found through a process of trial and error.

Careers instead thrown upon them and buckled to them like a heavy vest that weighs them down until they take it off.

This is the path most people take and they wonder why they are not happy.

Work is a fundamental part of life – so you must choose the right work for you.

Some people are exceptions and figure out early on that they are being pushed into something not for them – they rebel and set off to find their own way in life.

They go looking for who they truly are.

They begin the Search

Just like I did. 

The rest go down the false path and they end up getting good at the wrong thing.

This is exactly what you want to avoid doing if you want to be great at something.


The false path leads to a false life.

A life chosen for you and not by you.

A false life is not fulfilling – it is a nightmare with no end.

This brings us back to the first two words I wrote.


This means going back to who you were as a child and listening to what your gut instinct is telling you.

It means avoiding the false path at all costs because you know what the false path leads to.

The real power of doing YOU comes from the fact that when you do YOU – there is zero competition.

Nobody can compete with you because they are not YOU.

Do YOU and competition will simply not exist because nobody can do you better than YOU.

That is the incredible power of being yourself. 

This is how you become great at something.

You go back to your roots, find what you’re good at and you decide to become the best at it.

You double down on what you are already good at – then you become great.

You ignore what the world thinks because what the world thinks does not matter.

The world will try to sabotage you in every way possible.

To defend against this you must have two things from my experience.

Unwavering Self Belief and a Diminished Ego. 

You must have unwavering self belief because if you do not then you will not stay convinced that you can do it.

The outside world will eventually prevail and you will end up giving in – rock solid belief in yourself is therefore essential.

You must bet on YOU and never give in.

The ego must be diminished because a big ego will sabotage you in various ways.

If your calling is something creative that you must work on in your free time, then you will probably need to work a part-time job that leaves you with plenty of time and energy to dedicate to your calling.

A job that could offer you the time and freedom you need might be menial and with low pay.

A big ego will prevent you from being able to work such a job because you will think you are too good for it.

You will be worried about what people think of you for working such a job and not pursuing something that has a higher status.

It will get to your head and ruin your ability to think – it will sabotage you and drain your creative potential.

You will miss inspiration for your creative work because you are too caught up worrying about what people think of you.

This used to be me until I learnt to completely let go and just be myself. 

Understand that if you wish to live life on your own terms and become great at something – you cannot chase the high status occupations that everyone tells you that you should be chasing.

Unless you have been led to one of those occupations by your own natural inclinations and talents, you need to avoid pursuing them just for money or status – such positions consume all of your time and offer a comfortable life that will kill your desire to build something that is yours.

You will become attached to the status and money that comes with the job – walking away and giving all that up will be almost impossible.

So develop unshakeable self belief and keep that ego in check.

Give away all care for what the world thinks of you and just learn to listen to the inner world instead of the outer world.

The outer world has absolutely no way of knowing what is best for you or what your calling is.

It will simply tell you what it thinks and what it thinks does not matter.

It is very noisy and very tempting also – there will be a million things trying to lure you away from your path.

The key to getting through this is to accept that YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

Who you are is enough and you need to be ok with who you are.

You need to learn that you do not need everything the world tells you that you need.

Once you can do that – the outer world will no longer bother you because you need nothing from it.

You have everything you need within you. 

If you wish to become great at something then you must never listen to what the outer world tells you because it is a distraction.

It is impossible for the outer world to know what you should do – only you can know.

The great man does not hear the outside world – he is completely deaf to it.

He hears only his inner voice, the voice from the inner world.

He listens to his gut.

He does HIM.

That is why he is great and that is how YOU become great.

It is impossible to become great at something you are not naturally good at – something that is not YOU.

You will know if something is not YOU because you will feel it – it will manifest itself through your feelings.

You will feel like you do not belong.

You will feel out of place because you are out of place.

You’re not doing YOU.

When you finally do YOU – you will feel that it is right because it will feel as natural as breathing itself.

Work hard at truly being YOU and the result will be a literal work of genius that leaves a legacy of your existence – a dent in the history of the world.

Nobody was ever remembered for following the rules and doing what they were supposed to do.

The people who leave their mark are remembered because they were THEM.

They embraced their uniqueness and stood behind it in the face of a world of judgement.

Then they became great – then they were remembered.

They don’t feel any regret when they look back over their life during their final moments – they feel a deep sense of satisfaction for a life well lived.

A life lived their way. 

You have these individuals who carve their own path through life and write their own script.

Who live life on their own terms doing things their way – doing their work and being great at it.

Then you have everyone else.

Everyone else is not a group that consists of individuals – it simply consists of everyone else.

They all do the same shit and are all exactly the same person.

They started out unique and now they are all the same because they don’t do THEM.

They do what their told instead.

That’s why they will never leave their mark.

You either belong to this group of people or you do not belong to it.

If you do not belong to it and you try to live a normal life like they do – you will always feel out of place and never have a sense of belonging because you do not belong to their community.

The sooner you accept you don’t belong the better because then you can move closer to accepting who you actually are.

So accept it and go live the life you actually want.

The easiest way to live the life you actually want.

To become great at something.

Is to do YOU and completely ignore the world outside when it tries to tell you who you are.

The easiest way to live the life of your nightmares is do THEM and listen to the world outside you.

So ignore the outside world.

Do YOU means much more than just doing what you think you like doing.

It runs far deeper than that – far deeper than most will be able to understand.

Do YOU is about completely transforming your mind and the way you live your life.

It’s about ceasing to care what the world thinks of you while you embark on your quest to find what your calling is.

It’s about freeing your mind and your soul to do what they are destined to be doing.

It’s about complete and radical acceptance of who you actually are.

That’s what it is about.

It takes work to reach the point where you are finally comfortable with who you are.

The point where you simply cease to give a single fuck about what another person thinks you should be doing with your life.

The point where you finally understand that only you know what you want and nobody else can tell you what you want because they cannot possibly know.

I say to hell with how much work it takes to reach that point.

There is no price I would not pay for the privilege of owning myself completely – without care for the opinion of the world.

That’s true freedom.

That’s what do YOU actually means. 

Until next time

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