Contentment In Misery.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Being Content In Misery.


Most of us are completely full of shit. 

We are completely full of shit when it comes to being honest with the man in the mirror.  

We lie to him more than we lie to anyone else.

We do it every single day.  

In many ways.  

Excuses for why you can’t make it to the gym.

Why you didn’t eat the right food today.  

Why you have made no progress towards your goals.  

Why you still have problems in your life that you have not fixed.

We lie in many ways.  

We are delusional – in so many ways.  

Few people are truly honest and will tell you their raw feelings without any agenda or delusion on their behalf.  

When you ask people how their day is going, everybody will tell you the same thing.  


You could ask somebody standing knee deep in dogshit that question and they would still give you the same fucking answer.  

They are full of shit.

They are not having a good day and it is obvious.

Yet they pretend they are fine.

They lie. 

When you ask people if they are happy with their life most people will lie to your face.  

They will tell you their life is great even though they work all the time at something they don’t like.

They spend hours travelling to work every day.

They have almost no time for their family.  

Yet they are absolutely convinced that it is the best thing since sliced bread.  

Because they lie.  

They have rationalised in their mind why they cannot have something different and they THINK they have to keep doing what they are doing.  

The truth is they are not happy when they are awoken by an alarm clock well before the sun rises every morning to stuff their face with some food, head out the door to spend hours driving and then hours doing something they do not truly like.  

Who would actually like that? 

Honestly ask yourself how you are supposed to enjoy doing that – because I can’t fucking see how. 

Everyone does it.

They pretend they love it.

If you ask them about it they will tell you it’s just great.

They are completely full of shit and you should not listen to them.  

They will tell you to do the same thing they do.

They feel better when they see other people doing the same thing – because then they know they are not the only one suffering.

This is no joke.  

They will literally tell you to suck it up and make your life just as shit as their life is.  

They will literally tell you that you have to eat shit and put up with it because that’s life. 

Just like they all try to tell me.  

Lucky for me – I am deaf to bullshit.  

That is your life and it is not my life. 

If you want the same life that they have then listen to them.

If you want something different, something of your own creation – do not listen to them.

The reality is they don’t like it when they see other people doing what they COULD be doing but are not doing.

This is because they know deep down, they could have had that also.

The reality is they don’t have the courage to walk away from their current life and build something better.

So they become convinced that everything is fine and their life is great – just like I did. 

They tell themselves that they should just be grateful for the scraps they have.  

Gratitude is great.

The soul needs gratitude. 

You use gratitude to appreciate the opportunity to be able to pursue your dreams.

You use gratitude to appreciate a warm fire on a cold night.

You use gratitude to appreciate a bed to sleep in, a roof over your head and food in your belly.

You do not use gratitude to avoid the truth.

Using gratitude to avoid the reality that your life is fucking shit – that is not great. 

Using gratitude as a way to avoid doing something to actually fix your life – that is not ok. 

That’s not what gratitude is for. 

Most people accept their shit circumstances and do nothing about it.  

If they are not happy they put up with it.  

They do the same silly shit every single day and they never do anything about it.  

Why would you do this?  

You have a very short amount of time on earth. 

An indefinite amount of time that could be over tomorrow or next year.

You do not know how long you have left. 

So spend it doing exactly what you want to do and to hell with everyone else. 

Let them be content with misery – you on the other hand have a life to live.  

Let them spend almost all of their time doing bullshit they don’t enjoy – you on the other hand can go do exactly what you want to do.  

Sometimes we all have to do things we don’t really want to do, in order to survive.  

That’s just how it is.  

However we do not have to continue doing things we don’t want to do just because other people think we should continue doing them.   


We should do that which our heart is set upon.  

That which stirs up enthusiasm and excitement within us.

That which we know is the perfect fit for our natural talents and inclinations.  

That which gets us out of bed every morning with a smile on our face.  

Finding this takes trial and error but he who is willing to try will most certainly find what he really wants to be doing.  

He who is willing to ignore the hate from the crowd and stick to his guns – will find his calling. 

To hell with the crowd anyway.

They are not worth listening to and are all completely full of shit.  

Like a pit of poisonous snakes that all keep each other stuck in the pit by convincing each other everything is just fine – they will try and lure you into the pit with them.  

Don’t let this happen. 

Once they bite you the poison will turn you into one of them.

Without even realising you will suddenly be down in the pit with them talking about how great being down in the pit is. 

Protect yourself from this by becoming deaf to bullshit.  

Becoming deaf to bullshit is like putting on a suit of armour. 

Becoming deaf to bullshit is your defence against ending up in a life where you are content with being miserable.

The life that most people live.  

Almost none of them will admit this but it is undeniably true.  

You can hear it in the tone of their voice, in the comments they make throughout the day – you can see it with your own eyes if you simply open them and pay attention.  

The vast majority of people did not choose their career and they do not like the life they live right now.  

They had their career chosen for them because they ignored their gut feeling and listened to everyone else instead.  

Nobody knows anything about you or what you truly want – only you know this.  

Asking unenlightened people what you should do is pointless for this reason.

It’s also a bad idea because they usually do not know what the fuck they are talking about.

They will give you an opinion.  

That’s all their advice is.  

An opinion.  

Take it with a grain of salt or you might just find yourself stuck in a life where contentment in misery is your life.  

Until next time.

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