How To Get Jacked: Part One – Mindset

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Subject: Getting Jacked.


The one thing that determines whether or not you will go from skinny and weak to big and strong is your MINDSET.

It is not your program.

It is not your expensive supplements.

It is not the fancy shoes you purchased because the pro bodybuilder that you follow on Instagram wears them.

None of this shit matters.

None of it.

That stuff is all bullshit. 


Icing on the cake.

The cake itself is your MINDSET.

Your mindset alone determines the outcome of your training efforts.

Without the right mindset don’t even bother trying to get jacked.

You will quit long before you even come close to getting jacked.

If you are new to the game you need to understand something – getting jacked does not happen in a few weeks.

It takes YEARS of hard work and dedication.

It is the product of an obsession with the gym.

An obsession with being the biggest, baddest motherfucker in every gym you walk into.

It is the product of a specific mindset – a mindset that all the strongest lifters have.

What is this mindset?

It is the Warrior Mentality. 

It’s moving more weight and doing more reps every single time you go into the gym regardless of how hard that might be.

It’s pushing yourself further every single time you go into the gym.

It is throwing out all the conventional wisdom around training and finding what gets you results – then busting your ass at what gets you results.

It is training so hard and so often that you simply cease to get sore – you force your body to fucking adapt.

When you finally acquire the Warrior Mentality you transcend the physical body.

You detach from the physical body.

Some call it the Alpha State.

Some call it rage.

Some call it the zone.

There are many names for it but it is all the same thing.

A mentality that makes you unstoppable.

You tap into that inner power and you unleash it upon the iron.

There is no longer any fear inside you.

Your mind is empty.

Words cannot explain this state of being – you must simply experience it.

You must feel the adrenaline, the fire and the rage that comes from within when you reach this state.

You can see the Warrior Mentality when you watch the best of the best.

You can see it when Eddie Hall dead lifts half a tonne.

You can see it when Larry Wheels performs superhuman feats of strength.

You can see it when Brian Shaw tears his bicep during a competition then keeps going and finishes the competition.

These guys are living and breathing the Warrior Mentality.

They do not experience their training on the same level as most people.

They train like savages.

They go beyond what most people think is possible.

This mentality is what separates the people who just go to the gym from the people who look like they are gods in human form.

It is what separates the wannabees from the gonnabees.

Most people create these limits in their mind for what they can achieve in the gym – these limits are usually based off standards created by other people.

Listen, if you want to be the biggest and baddest you can be, you cannot even consider the standards created by other people.

You make your own standards and you set those standards ten times higher than where most people set them.

When everyone else thinks a 3 plate bench press is strong – you think a 4 plate bench press is strong.

When everyone else thinks they can quit once the set gets hard – you keep going until you physically cannot withstand the pain anymore.

And you do that on every single set.

When everyone else thinks they eat big, you consume their daily calorie intake for your breakfast.

When they train chest once a week, you train chest every fucking day.

You do not aim to meet their standards, you aim to meet your own ridiculously high standards.

This is how you break through the barrier of average and become great.

It is all in the mindset that you approach your training with.

When I was 19 I was the strongest I have ever been.

I was being coached by a guy who was one of the strongest lifters on the planet.

He took what everyone else thought impossible and he did it every day of the week.

It was working with him that I learnt the importance of mindset in becoming as strong as you can possibly be without drugs.

Before I trained under him I never had any real results.

I was strong but I was still fairly average.

Then I changed my mindset.

I developed the Warrior Mentality and became unstoppable.

As a result I got insanely strong and gained a tonne of weight both in fat and muscle.

What I previously thought impossible for myself, I was now doing everyday like it was just a normal training session.

I would train my entire body every single day for weeks on end until I burnt out.

Then I would rest, eat like a machine and recover.

At one point I did nothing but Snatch Grip Dead lifts and Weighted Pull-ups for a month – every single day until I burnt out and stalled.

Then I came back after a week off to rep 5 plates on the conventional dead lift.

Something I never even thought possible before.

I would work a 12 hour day of manual labour, drive home drinking my coffee and I would lift until I had nothing left.

I was a fucking animal who would stop at nothing and that is how I ended up being jacked with people accusing me of taking steroids.

Now, years later, I can go months without lifting and I still have most of the strength I built when I was younger.

I can lift for fun and still be stronger than most people because my mindset turned me into a savage.


I made mistakes. 

Because all I did was train like a savage and ignore my recovery – I ended up getting injured badly, putting me out of the game for close to two years.

I lost a lot of my strength and size because of my injuries.

Now I am a lean mean machine instead.

I could have been much bigger and stronger than I am now but my mistakes prevented that.

Later on in this series I will cover how you can avoid the stupid mistakes I made.

Good recovery and regular work with a smart physiotherapist could have prevented my downfall.

Hopefully now you understand the importance of mindset.

Without the right mindset you will never become jacked.

You should not even bother starting.

You need to believe you will be a monster.

You need to set your own standards and not base what you can achieve off what other people have achieved.

The mind really is the key.

There are two things that help you take your mindset to the next level – two things I use all the time.

Coffee and Music.

Pump enough coffee into you and you will be ready to do some serious damage in the gym.

There are so many benefits that come with drinking coffee and it can really help your athletic performance.

My old coach, the guy who taught me the value of mindset, would drink an entire pot of coffee before every workout.

This guy was the most intense lifter I have ever seen.

His name is Eric Bugenhagen.

He showed me how great coffee is as a preworkout.

If you combine coffee with music that puts you on fire – you have a winning combination.

It is impossible not to feel like running through a brick fucking wall if you just drank ten cups of coffee and are blasting heavy metal into your skull.

You will not develop the Warrior Mentality sitting in your room meditating – that’s how you wind down from battle.

You prepare for battle by filling yourself with coffee and filling your mind with music.

Then you go to war.

You go to war with the iron.

The biggest thing you need to understand before you try to get jacked is that the program does not matter.

All that matters is the mindset you approach your training with.

You can have the worst program in the world but if you can develop the Warrior Mentality – that program will still work.

When you combine the Warrior Mentality with a program that actually works for YOU – then you will get big results. 

The training itself does not matter anywhere near as much as your mindset matters.

Develop the Warrior Mentality and anything you do will get results.

Until next time.

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