How To Get Jacked: Part Three – Nutrition

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Subject: Getting Jacked.


This is not going to be some fancy guide to nutrition.

It’s a lot simpler than that because nutrition is really simple.  

If you want to get jacked, eat lots of good food.  

That’s it.  

See your body as a machine and the food you put into that machine as fuel.  

The better the fuel, the better the machine will run. 

I’m not going to lecture you on the science behind nutrition because you do not need to know the science behind nutrition. 

We will leave that for the intellectual idiots who do nothing but argue over the best way to do everything. 

What you need is simplicity.

What you need is a clear cut philosophy.

Which is exactly what I have developed over my ten years of lifting.

So I will share my experience with you.  

I will give you what I used to go from a skinny piece of shit to having the body of a Greek god

Buckle up, pour yourself some coffee and enjoy.  

Eating To Get Jacked 

I confess.

Even though I walk around at 10-12% body fat with a stack of muscle on my frame, I have never counted calories in my entire life.  

I could not imagine doing it either because I am too lazy.

I prefer to eat like a normal human instead of a fucking retard obsessed with every nutrient in his food.  

I have better things to do and I would rather use common sense when it comes to food. 

These days I consume nothing but meat, butter and coffee because that’s what I like – it’s simple, easy and keeps me lean. 

But to actually get jacked, I ate big.

I ate a lot of good food. 

All I cared about was eating constantly and putting on as much size and strength as possible. 

You cannot be afraid to stack on some bodyfat if you want to get jacked. 

You have to do that if you want to get big as a natural lifter. 


Your food is the fuel for your recovery and your workouts.  

The more you eat and the better the food you eat, the more energy you will have and the better your overall recovery will be.  

You will not get jacked eating a clean diet of low-fat foods and salads – it just won’t happen. 

What you need is to become obsessed with constantly eating and fuelling your body.  

This is now your job.

If your body does not have enough calories to fuel its growth then it will not grow so give it the fuel it needs to grow.  

Don’t even bother counting calories.

Just eat as much as you can handle.  

You will put on bodyfat but if you are training hard enough you will also be stacking on muscle.  

The extra bodyfat has the added effect of making you look even bigger so just embrace it.  

Don’t let yourself turn into a fat slob but don’t be afraid to lose those abs and get a little pudgy either.

Everyone has to do it and it simply works.  

Trying to stay lean and get jacked at the same time, without using drugs, will just sabotage you.  

Commit to getting jacked and you will eventually get jacked.

Put all your time, energy and focus into it or it will simply not happen.  

You have to eat like it’s your job because if you want to get jacked then it is your job.  

Throw the supplements in the garbage because garbage is exactly what they are.  

Supplements do absolutely nothing and are a fucking waste of your money.  

The only supplement I recommend would be a high quality protein powder that you can add to your smoothies to increase the calories. 

That is the only thing protein powder is useful for. 

Adding calories to your diet. 

Anabolic steroids and other illegal performance enhancing drugs are the only thing that really work.

That is why they are illegal.  

Should you use them?  
If you want to use them, use them. 

If you don’t want to use them, then don’t use them.

What Should You Eat To Get Jacked?  

Eat what you like to eat.

Eat what you can eat a lot of.  

I do not recommend eating processed food because it simply is not good for you.  

I did this and I felt terrible.  

I also got really fat.  

I was tired all the time and I always felt disgusting because what I was eating was disgusting. 

Processed food is not food and you should not eat it.

It is designed to taste good and is full of bullshit that will kill you.

It will make you weaker.  

Your goal is not to become weaker.

Your goal is to become stronger in every way possible.  

Stay away from the junk food and have some discipline you fucking slob.  

You do not have to stuff your face with shit in order to pack on size.  

You are far better off sticking to a diet that consists of whole foods. 

Foods that nature has created for you – foods that you are supposed to eat.

To get jacked I highly recommend FARM FOODS.   

Farm foods are the best for athletic performance, building size and recovering from the hard workouts that you will be doing.   

If you are a vegan or vegetarian then I cannot help you 

If you are not a vegan or vegetarian, stick with the farm foods.

Red meat, eggs, bacon, chicken, milk, butter, cheese, potatoes.  

These foods are the fuel for greatness.  

This is what you need to be putting into your body if you want to get jacked.
These foods will make you strong and give you the energy required to kill it in the gym.

Your grandfather did not sit down at the dinner table to eat nothing but oatmeal or salad.

He ate his steak and butter then washed it down with a big glass of whole milk.  

As a result, he was probably stronger and had higher testosterone than your sissy ass does. 
When you eat the way nature designed you to eat – your body functions optimally.  

You have energy, strength and power.  

Farm foods will give you power.  

They make you feel powerful.  

The saturated fat in all that meat is GOOD for you and will boost your testosterone levels.  

It is packed with calories and energy.  

It is what you need to be feeding your body to fuel your muscles and grow stronger.  

It is good for your gains and it is good for your balls.  

A high fat diet is not optional as a natural lifter.

It is absolutely essential.  

Every man craves the high fat foods he is told he should not eat because they are the foods every man needs to eat. 

When you eat how you are supposed to eat you will become healthier and more powerful for it. 
So, forget all this nonsense about health foods and low-fat diets.  

The guys who eat this way do not look healthy because they are not healthy.

They look like hammered dogshit served inside celery sticks.  

Unless you want to look like hammered dogshit served inside celery sticks, eat your meat and chow down on the real food that mother nature has designed you to eat.

Here is an example of how I would eat when trying to gain size:


12 Whole Scrambled Eggs and Diced Bacon Cooked in Lots of Butter
1 x Loaf of Bread
Coffee with Lots Butter and Cream


Butter and Jam Wrap


2 Large Crumbed Chicken Breasts Fried in Butter
A Big Bowl of Creamy Fettuccine Mixed with Melted Butter
Coffee with Cream and Lots of Butter


Butter and Jam Wrap


A Big Juicy Steak Cooked in Onions and Butter
4 Cups of White Rice with Butter Melted Through it
Some Form of Vegetable

Before Bed: 

500ml to 1 litre of Whole Milk Mixed with High Quality Protein Powder
Magnesium Tablets
Zinc Tablets 

This is what a normal day would look like for me. 

If you want to get jacked, this is what a normal day should look like for you. 

It takes time to adapt to eating so much but you will adapt and you WILL grow. 

Eating like this gives your body the fuel to train hard and recover fast. 

What’s the deal with all the butter? 

There is no deal with all the butter.

Butter is the food of champions. 

Eat lots of it because it is packed with calories and is good for your balls.

Can’t Gain Weight? 

You are full of shit.  

You are simply not eating enough food and that is why you cannot gain weight.  

Stop telling yourself that you can’t gain weight because how is that going to help you gain weight?  

Tell yourself that you CAN and WILL gain weight.  

If the numbers on the scale are not going up, you are just not eating enough food.  

You might think you are eating a lot but trust me, you are not.  

You don’t know what eating big really means because if you did you would not be bitching about being unable to gain weight.  

If you consistently put enough calories into your body you will gain weight.  

It is that simple. 

Eating big for one week is not going to cut it.  

You need to consistently eat big.  

For months.  

Not just a few days.  

If you are struggling to gain weight, then drink this smoothie with breakfast, lunch AND dinner:

1) 500ml of Coconut Milk
2) 500ml of Whole Milk
2) 2 Scoops of High Quality Whey Protein
3) 2 Large Bananas
4) 2 Tablespoons of Peanut butter
5) 6 Raw Eggs
6) Handful of Almonds
7) 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil
8) Ice

Drink this with every main meal for an entire month and then tell me you can’t gain weight.

It is exactly what I did to gain weight and I am telling you from experience, it works. 

Making smoothies is an extremely effective way to gain weight. 

You can cram a tonne of calories into something you drink with a meal. 

So for my fellow hard gainers, find what has the most calories and what you can eat lots of.  

Then eat lots of that.  

Combining fats and carbs is a good strategy because both are dense in calories.  

Use your brain and think of ways you can pack in more food.  

Avoid food that fills you up too fast – like brown rice or oatmeal.

If you think this is meant to be fun then stop thinking that because it is not meant to be fun.  

This is the price you have to pay to get jacked naturally as a hard gainer.  

As a hard gainer you can throw in junk food to help increase your calories but still keep it under control because it is simply not good for you. 

Stop complaining and start eating. 

Do the work. 

In the gym and in the kitchen. 

It will all be worth it, I promise. 

Until next time. 


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