Conquer Your Fear.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Fuck Fear.


Inside every man is one of his most cunning enemies.

An enemy that is ruthless.

An enemy that will always find a way to slip through your guard when you are not looking.  

You must meet this enemy head on and you must slaughter it with all your might because if you do not, it will grow and it will conquer you.

It is the enemy of every man who tries to do something great.

An enemy that has and will continue to keep most men down for their entire life, never allowing them to attain what they have the potential to attain.  

This enemy is called Fear.  

It lives inside the mind.

It is dormant while a man stays inside his comfort zone.  

As soon as he leaves his comfort zone and ventures into the unknown to accomplish something, fear awakens instantly.

It emerges from it’s dark little hole.  

It charges with boldness to the forefront of a man’s mind in an attempt to dominate his thoughts and his soul.  

Fear’s only goal is to stop him from getting better.

To stop him from leaving his comfort zone.

It wants him to stay where he is and it will fight hard to make that happen.

Fear is strong.

Men who wish to conquer it must be stronger.

Once it awakens, it clings to the walls of your mind and it will not let go.  

It fights like a wild dog for control of your thoughts and your life.  

It fights like a bloodthirsty animal to be taken back to the comfort zone where it can relax, victorious over its host.  

Fear beats many men.  

Fear beats the weak men.  

Fear wins the battle with most men.

Most men only last a few seconds in the arena with fear.  

Fear wins before they even leave their comfort zone.

It wins because these men are weak.  

Weak men get nothing because they deserve nothing.  

Fortune does not favour weak men because they do not have the strength to handle her.  

Fortune is like a woman.

She is sweet and feminine.

She loves strong men.

She does not give herself to weak men – she despises them.  

Fortune only gives herself to strong men.

Men who stand their ground against fear.

Men who look their fear deep in its empty eyes.  

Men who cut it’s ugly fucking head off.  

Fortune sees the strong man and he makes her knees weak.  

She cannot help but reward this brave man with whatever he desires from her.

She does so eagerly.  

She gives the strong man whatever he wants.  

The next time fear rears it’s ugly head inside the strong man, it does not come charging out like before.


Because he cut it’s ugly head off last time.

This time, it peeks out, slowly and without sound.  

It can see the strong man waiting with fortune by his side and an axe in his hand.

The strong man is ready to take it’s ugly head again.

Fear flee’s and leaves the strong man alone.  

It goes looking for weaker men who do not have the strength to face it.  

Fortune see’s the strong man free of all fear now.

She grants him whatever he wants, whenever he wants it.  

This is how you conquer fear.  

This is how you wet panties.

You stand your ground against fear and you wait for it to show itself.

When it comes out of it’s dark hole, you cut it’s fucking head off without mercy.  

You do not allow yourself to feel it.

You force fear to feel you instead.  

You impose your will upon it and you hold the line against it.  

Then you get exactly what you want because on the other side of fear is everything you want.

Slaughter your fear without mercy and you will get everything you desire.  

A man will never be truly free until he has conquered his fear completely.

Freedom comes to him when all fear is removed from his life.  

Once a man has removed the fear of death and accepted that his death is inevitable – he becomes free and he becomes dangerous.  

When you no longer fear death itself, you become dangerous.

Fear is a demon sent from the underworld to stop us from achieving what we want in life.  

It is a demon sent to test our strength and see if we are worthy of fortune’s pleasures.  

If you want fortune’s pleasures, then you must look your fear in the eye and cut its ugly head off.  

If you are too weak to do this, fortune will despise you.

She will find another man who is strong enough
to be worthy of her pleasure’s.  

When you first face fear, you will feel it deep inside you as it emerges from it’s dark hole.  

You will feel the urge to run back to your comfort zone and you will want to give in.  

It will be very tempting.  

Do not give in.  

Face this demon, fight it, wrestle with it and cut off its fucking head.  

Strike the fear of god into this demon from the underworld.  

Send it back down it’s dark hole without a head.

At first it will fight back and it will fight back hard, but when it sees you not giving in, you will put fear into fear itself.  

It will grow weaker and start to give up.  

Right then you cease that moment and you bring your axe down upon it’s neck with all your might.  

You take the head clean off it.

You free yourself of all fear – winning fortune’s pleasures and all you desire as a result.  

Face your fear men.  

Do not run and hide.  

Face it. Fight it.

Free yourself.  

Until next time. 

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