Five Books You Must Read In 2019.

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Subject: Books That Will Make You Better.


Would you like to know a little secret that’s really obvious? 

You become what you think about most of the time. 

As if by magic, you will end up becoming what you think about most of the time.  


It’s actually not magic at all.

It’s physics.


What you think depends on what you know.

What you know determines what kind of actions you take in the world.  

The actions you take in the world determine what you will become in the world.  

Actions come from choices.

Therefore, everything comes down to the choices you make, which are primarily influenced by what you know.

When you know valuable things that other people don’t know, you have something very special.  

What is that something very special?  

That something very special is called POWER.  

Not all knowledge is power – most of it is useless, but the RIGHT knowledge, in the mind of the right person, is POWER.  

You see, nothing is really complicated – everything is very simple.  

It is all cause and effect.  

It is all physics. 

If you want to understand reality, start thinking like a physicist.  

Think Cause and Effect, because magic does not exist and things don’t just happen – there is always a cause.

If you fill your mind with negative bullshit and useless information, you are going to be full of negative bullshit and useless information – you are going to be POWERLESS.  

If you fill your mind with positive things and valuable information, you are going to be full of positive things and valuable information – you are going to have POWER.  

When you read the right books and you acquire the right knowledge, you begin to see what nobody else can see.  

You begin to understand how the world really works.  

You begin to see what is really happening around you.

You start paying attention to reality.

Only once you see reality, can you begin working on shaping that reality in your favour.  

For quite some time I studied the The Principles of Electricity and this taught me how to think using principles – a very useful tool.

I broke electricity down to the atomic level because I wanted to know EVERYTHING.

I discovered something very interesting while doing this.

There are fundamental principles which govern not only electricity, but everything in the known universe.

Electricity takes the path of least resistance, but so does everything else in the universe.

Do not overlook the power of this because of it’s simplicity – you can explain many things using this one simple principle.

Things like this made me think.

Everything is SIMPLE.

Everything is built upon PRINCIPLES.

Learning the fundamental principles that govern reality and working your way up from these principles, is the most effective way to understand the world – this is also known as First Principles Thinking.

You break reality down to the very fundamentals and you start at those fundamentals, instead of starting at assumptions. 

The more knowledge you have, the more connections you will be able to make between things in the world.

The more connections you can make between things, the better you will be able to understand reality.

In the same way, the more principles you understand, the more you will be able to apply those principles to solve problems in reality.

This is how Elon Musk thinks.

This is how Ray Dalio thinks.

This is how Charlie Munger thinks.

All of these men are Self-Made Billionaires and they all think in a very similar way.

You can figure the rest out.

Just connect the dots.

So, if what you think determines what you do and what you do determines what you get, it makes a lot of sense to think in a way that will help us and not hinder us.

How can we do this?  

One of the best ways to do this, is to read the RIGHT books and fill your mind with the RIGHT knowledge.  

There are plenty of books out there and most of them are complete bullshit.  

If you read the wrong books and you follow their advice – you are going to get the wrong results.  

Cause and effect, remember? 

Reading is a habit common amongst almost every great man to ever walk the earth.  

Reading keeps the mind sharp and it makes you smarter – if you read the RIGHT information.  

You do not want to read the wrong information because if you lack the ability to think critically, you will internalise that wrong information and it will become integrated into your belief system.  

Then you have a problem. 

You will not be seeing reality, you will be seeing a construct of reality that is based off the false information in your mind. 

You will be seeing a lie.

Changing this inaccurate construct of reality becomes almost impossible once the false information has been embedded deep enough.

That’s the power of belief systems.

So, read the RIGHT stuff.  

Everything I recommend, I have personally read and can confirm that it is the RIGHT stuff.  

It is written by people who walk the walk and are WORTH LISTENING TO. 

I don’t want to lead you astray – I want you to win. 

I want you to learn principles that will help you understand reality and improve your reality.

Therefore gentlemen, here are the Top 5 Books you NEED to read in 2019:  

1) Mastery – Robert Greene

Are You lost?

Are You Clueless About What You Are Doing With Your Life?

Have You Chosen The Wrong Career?  

This book is for you.  

Mastery is my favourite book of all time and I consider it a work of genius.  

Robert Greene spent 40 + years wandering in his life, working every conceivable job you can imagine and gaining a tonne of life experience.

Then, he finally settled on his calling as a writer.  

Now, he will go down in history as one of the greatest writers, in my opinion.  

In this book he walks you through how to find out who you really are and the steps required to becoming a master at your calling once you discover it.

He discusses the false paths people take in life, usually because they are chasing money, status and power.  

This book is filled with insight and gold nuggets.  

An incredible amount of work goes into every one of Robert Greene’s books and I can honestly say this is a work of art.  

He brings the book to life in your mind.  

If you like psychology, you will love the section on Social Intelligence.

He explains how to get inside the minds of other people and understand those around you.  

Mastery is at the top of my list because it is a GREAT book.  

2) The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ Demarco

Do You Have No Idea How Money Works?

Do You Have No Idea How You Can Make Money Without Working A Job?

This book answers those questions along with MANY others.

If you have never heard of this book there is a very simple reason for that.  

Zero marketing was done for this book.


The guy who wrote this book did not write the book to make money – he wrote the book to share his knowledge.  

After selling an internet company for several million dollars, I don’t think I would give a fuck about how well my book sold either.  

MJ Demarco is the Real Deal.  

He brings you what nobody else can bring you – the knowledge he used to go from a broke kid driving limos, to a multi-millionaire, running one of the best online business forums on the internet.  

If I could pick one book to recommend that covered everything you need to know about money and business – THIS WOULD BE THE BOOK.  

You won’t learn what he teaches you in University and you will not find it anywhere else. 

If you want to learn about business, forget University and read this book.

This book is the result of an obsession.  

An obsession with rising up out of nothing and becoming rich.  

He knows exactly how to do it because he has done it.  

How you do it, is not pretty and only a small minority will follow the process he outlines.

It takes work.  

It takes sacrifice.  

It will crush your ego.

It will humble you.

If you have not been taught about money and you read this book – you are going to feel like you have been punched in the mouth.

This book is truth talking at its finest.  

3) Ego Is The Enemy – Ryan Holiday

Would You Like To Know Who Your Biggest Enemy Really Is?

While not my favourite book, this is the most IMPORTANT book I could possibly recommend to you.  

There is one very simple reason for that.  

My ego has been the cause of every single one of my major mistakes.  

Every time I have fucked up and ruined something for myself – my ego was in control of me. 

Unless you build self-awareness around your ego, you will end up doing the same bullshit I did, because without awareness of the ego, you cannot control it.  

You must become AWARE and you must work to keep it under control, because it is like a wild fucking dog that will not rest. 

Ryan Holiday was mentored by Robert Greene, the man who wrote Mastery.  

That’s enough said, but I have more to say anyway.  

This book is something you must read because although it will not control your ego for you, it will help you understand your ego.  

With a big ego, you make everything harder for yourself and you become close minded.  

Being close minded is a very, very dangerous move, because you stop learning. 

It’s like driving a car with a blind fold on – you’re going to crash eventually and you will fucking die. 

Learning to balance an open mind, while staying committed to who you truly are, is the hard part – because everyone will tell you who you are.  

Read this book or learn the hard way, like I did.  

4) Discipline Equals Freedom – Jocko Willink

Do You Struggle With Self Control?

Do You Struggle With Sticking To Your Goals?

Written by a man who served as Navy Seal Commander for over 20 years  – this is a book every man should read.  

Nobody talks discipline better than Jocko Willink.  

He walks the walk.  

The writing is beautiful, simple and concise because he knows how to communicate his ideas so that everyone can understand.  

This book will get you fired up. 

It will not give you discipline, but it will tell you exactly why you need to develop discipline.  

Discipline is the root of all good qualities and all success – this book explains exactly why that is the case.  

The mindset this book literally burns into your mind is the mindset of a fucking warrior.  


It is the mindset of the man who wrote it and the man who wrote it is a fucking warrior  

READ his book.  

WATCH his YouTube videos.  

LEARN everything you can from Jocko Willink because he will make you better.  

5) Principles – Ray Dalio  

Do You Want To Learn How One Of The World’s Richest Men Thinks?

Do You Want To Learn The Principles Behind His Success?

The man who wrote this is one of the wealthiest self made men in the entire world.  

This book contains the principles he used to do that and have a great life in the process.  

He is smart.

Very, very smart.  

Would you like to know the one thing he pushes more than anything?  

Being open-minded.  

Funny that, isn’t it.  

We just covered the danger of being close minded – now here is one of the world’s richest men saying the same thing.  

Ray Dalio talks a lot about problem solving, thinking from a higher level and using principles to solve problems, instead of emotions.  

This book is filled with incredible value.  

He does not peddle you bullshit about how to become like him – that is not what the book is about.  

This book is about one very important thing.  


Summing Up: Book Knowledge and Life Experience 

There you have it my friendly fiends. 

Reading has been something I have done since I was very young.

While you are young, you need to learn as much as possible, because when you are young, you learn faster and you retain knowledge much easier.  

The older you get, the harder it becomes to learn new things and change your ways.  

Think of the mind as a slab of concrete.  

As time passes, that concrete is going to set and eventually become impossible to shape. 

By the time you reach 30, that slab is usually set.

That said, it all depends on the individual.

You must stay hungry for knowledge and ALWAYS BE LEARNING.  

You want to fill your mind with as much knowledge as possible while you are young because it will stay with you and it will shape who you become later in life.  


Cause and effect, again.  

What you know, determines what you see and what you do – so know as much as you possibly can. 

Never think you know everything, because you do not.  

That’s your ego talking. 

Avoid people who think they know everything because they will cause problems, trust me. 

Reading and acquiring knowledge is a powerful tool, but it is like an arrow – you need a bow to fire it.  

What is that bow?  

That bow is common sense and life experience.  

So read everything you can get your hands on. 

Get as much life experience as possible.  

The older you get; the harder learning becomes.  

So Fucking Go!

Get After It Now!

Don’t Put Off Reading Those Books – Just Read Them!

Read. Live. Learn. Grow.  

Until Next Time.  

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