A Lesson From The Godfather of Business.

Pictured Above – The Godfather of Business.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Everything is Simpler Than You Think It Is.

To me – he was the Godfather of business. An Unconventional Thinker. A self-made and self-paid killer. A man who put fear into the hearts of other men, with nothing more than his reputation. He was a Professional Badass.

He was also a man who had a very profound influence on my life, on the way I looked at the world and more than anything else – the way I looked at myself.

He taught me how to be the man. And he taught me how to endure – among many other things.

On one particular night, when I was a student of his – we sat in his living room, and the rain was falling hard outside.

You could hear it slamming into the roof of his house.

A house that was high up on a mountain.

Hidden deep inside woods that you could lose yourself in.

It was mighty windy too.

Always was.

In those Cold Mountains.

Winter was in full swing.

Going outside was no easy task.

You needed to rug yourself up in many layers of clothing. 

A fire was crackling in the big living room that we sat in.

It kept us warm as we talked.

He was smoking a cigarette.

As usual.

And on this cold night, we were talking about business.

That was what we always talked about. 

He had money. Big money. Money he made himself.

Yet, he grew up with nothing.

Nothing but the basics.

A roof over his head. A bed to sleep in. And food on the table.

He made his fortune hustling as a farmer and doing various other things.

Interesting things, too.

Like almost selling $30 million worth of cow shit to the Arabs in Dubai.

Tonight – he had a special lesson to teach me.

For I had a problem with overthinking.

And I complicated things that did not need to be complicated.


I asked him about it.

I asked him because it always bothered me.

It always sabotaged me.

He was the total opposite.

He saw everything with simplicity.

And common sense.

This gave him great power.


He knew very clearly, what did, and what did not, matter. 


I wanted to know how I could do the same. 

And when I asked him how I could – he said something like this:

“Nothing is complicated. Everything is really simple. We just become overwhelmed with what we do not understand, when we do not understand something.

This makes us think, it is much more complex than it really is.  When we start a new business or engage in some new venture, we think everything is really complicated – but it simply isn’t.

We just lack the right knowledge. We don’t understand how everything works together as a whole. Most people give up right there. And those people will never get anywhere. But the guys who take it step by step and the guys who don’t overthink – they’re the guys who eventually win the game.”

That’s what he taught me.

In his early days he was an egg farmer.

He knew every aspect of how egg farming worked.

Whenever a problem occurred, he could work through his system and find where the problem was coming from. 

He did this through the use of common sense and understanding how his system worked.

With those two things he could simplify everything. 

I always admired his ability to see through the bullshit.

He could always spot the most obvious answer. 

The answer that everyone else missed.

He told me it takes practice.


It is very important that you do not complicate what does not need to be complicated.

Almost everything in life is very simple.

You just need to apply yourself with discipline to understand how it works. 

You need to think clearly.

You need to use logic.

You need to train yourself to see the simple answer hidden right in front of your face.

The Godfather told me that ‘Educated’ people.

Those who acquire expensive and complex degree’s – usually cannot think like this.

They want to complicate everything. And often have knowledge in only one area. They know nothing else because they have never studied anything else.

He said one of the keys to success was having a little knowledge from various areas of life so you could see how everything worked together as a big system. 

I listened closely every time he spoke.

I was getting insight into how an elite level businessman used his mind.

It was very eye opening.

It was very exciting too.

I was just a kid from the countryside who grew up with nothing but the basics – living off the land and playing in the dirt.

Just like he did.

Yet here I was..

Sitting next to a man of great wealth and power.

We talked for many hours that night.

And that lesson that he taught me.

I’ll never forget that lesson.

For everything really is much more simple than we think it is.

This ability to shut your mind down and simply see things as they are is almost a superpower.

Few people can do it.

We all tend to complicate things.

We all overthink.


Being able to see the simple truth in plain sight is what made the Godfather so successful.

He had common sense.

He could see the obvious truth. 

He could see that most things are very simple.

He could see that everything is built upon principles and systems.

The one thing I have noticed in my study of very wealthy and powerful people is:

They all THINK using these principles.

And they do it, with or without realising, that they are doing it. 

That’s what makes them so smart.  

They can see how reality works.

None of them are special.

They don’t have superpowers.  

They can just see the obvious.  

What really matters is ALWAYS very simple.  

Doing the work that moves you forward.  And staying focused on it.

That’s all that matters.  

Anyone can do this – but very few people will.  


When you begin a new venture or you do anything that involves creating or accomplishing something – take a step back and figure out what actually matters. 

What is going to move you forward?  

What is the most simple thing you could do to make progress? 

Cut away all the bullshit.

Don’t major in the minors.

Train your mind to see the world with simplicity.  

Do not overthink.  

Everything is simple.

Remember that. 

Until Next Time.  

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