Living Below Your Means.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: How To Stop Being Broke All The Time.


I remember a conversation I had with one of my first mentors.

This man was a very smart man.

He knew a lot about money.  

He knew everything I needed to know to live the life I wanted to live.

I saw how most people went through life financially.

And I didn’t like what I saw.

Most people were mastered by their money.

A slave to it.

Money ran their life.

In their minds – money was the root of all evil.

It was bad.


Yet they spent almost all of their time doing things they didn’t like in order to get this stuff called money.

That was not what I wanted.

So I spent a lot of time talking to this very smart man.

I wanted to be the master of my money.  

I did not want it to be the master of me.  

Money has always fascinated me.

I find it incredible that little pieces of paper are the master of millions of people.  

That’s the reality of money.  

It’s the master of the majority.

And it runs the world. 

As a young boy – I made many observations of the world around me.

One of the things I noticed is that most normal people are broke and everyone they know is also broke.

And because being broke is normal amongst these normal people – it becomes the norm amongst these normal people.

Living week to week.

Pay cheque to pay cheque.

Having no money to do or see anything.

No control.

And no power.

Because that is exactly what money is to a man in the modern world.

Money is control.

Money is power.

Control over your life and the power to shape your life as you please.

So upon seeing how normal people lived – I quickly decided that things would be different for me.

I didn’t want their deal.

It was a fucked deal.

So I sought out rich people from a young age and the first mentor I found, turned out to be my good friends Uncle.

He taught me and my good friend many lessons. 

He taught us the rules of money.

The rules you follow if you don’t want to be a broke bum like most people.

Those lessons set us up for a life where we were the MASTER of our money.

Not the other way around.

What he taught us was very simple.  

He taught us the basics.

And the basics are all you need to know when it comes to money.


Because money is simple.

That’s why.

One of the lessons he drilled into our minds when we were kids was what I’m going to talk about in this article.  

That lessons is called Living Below Your Means.  

The principle of it is very simple:

Spend far less than you earn. 

Rocket science?


But most people can’t manage to do it.

They have bad money habits.

Bad money habits are just that.

They’re bad.

If you have them you need to destroy them.

Bad money habits are nasty things and that’s why developing good money habits when you are young is so crucial. 

Living beyond your means is a bad money habit.

Living below your means is a good money habit.

A person who lives below their means will not have credit card debt.

They will not have unnecessary car loans.

And they will not have stupid expenses.

They buy what they need to live their life and they invest or save the rest. 

When you make money – try watching where that money goes.  

If at the end of the week, all of that money is gone and you have nothing left – you’re what is known as a fucking idiot.  

You are living beyond your means and you are not being smart with money.

This is what fucking idiots do.

Fucking idiots are not smart with money.

And this is why fucking idiots are broke.

The majority of people live lifestyles that suck every single penny they earn out of their pocket before they can save anything.

You cannot get ahead financially when you live like this.  

Living above your means is buying shit you cannot afford.

Living below your means is buying what you need to live.

How do you know whether or not you can afford something?


If you have to think about buying something – you can’t afford it.  

If you can buy it without a second thought – you can afford it.

If you cannot pay cash for what you want, while still having plenty of cash left over – you cannot afford it.  

This is the type of thinking that will make you financially free. 

It won’t make you filthy rich.

But it will make you free.

How do you get filthy rich?

I have no idea because I’m not filthy rich.

If you want to get filthy rich – go read How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis.

He was filthy rich.

And he wrote a book about how to get filthy rich just like he was.

Back to the point.

Living below your means will keep you a free man.

And freedom is more important than anything – at least to me it is.

So do not buy what you do not need.  

Do not buy what you cannot afford. 

Do not use money to impress other people.  

Use money to live your life and make more money.

Until Next Time. 

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