The Greatest Advice I Was Ever Given.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Why Nobody Is Superior To You.


The air was cold, in the forest.

And the wind blew hard – stinging my clean shaven face.

I wore jeans, torn at the knees, steel capped boots, and an old, worn out work shirt – with a thick sheepskin coat over the top.

The wind made your skin sting, and your body tremble – but at the same time, it was refreshing.

It made you feel alive.

Rain was coming.

And we could see dark clouds out in the distance.

Two hours, we agreed – then the rain would hit us.

The Godfather of Business, and I, were cutting wood today. 

Like we did every Saturday, during the winter I spent in the mountains with him.

As I chewed through thick logs with his old chainsaw, he studied the land around us – for the paddock we worked in would soon become home to a variety of cattle.

That was the Godfather’s hobby, now that he was retired from the world of big business.

Somehow, by chance – I had been taken under his wing as a student, many months ago.

I was working in construction at the time. We did a job at his mansion in the forest.

And I’d heard stories about the man.

Stories about his reputation.

So I asked if he would be my mentor, because I wanted what he had.

He looked at me silently, with his leather face and a cigarette burning away between his fingers.

After a moment – he wrote his phone number down on a piece of paper and told me to call him, in two days.

So I did.

And that’s how it began.

Months later, after hours of conversation and many stories from his long life – here we were: cutting firewood, smoking cigarette’s and talking about business, life and women.   

He was a dangerous man. The product of a hard and challenging life – combined with uncommon levels of common sense and ambition.

Every Saturday I would drive deep into the forest and spend the day at his house.

People were always coming and going and calling him – asking for advice, money or both.

Real Estate Agents, Businessmen and Associates he had.

I would watch them carefully as they interacted with him.

And they always had the same emotion, when dealing with him.  


I could smell it coming off them. I could see it in their eyes. And I could hear it in their voices, as they asked for what they wanted.

They’d stutter. Go a little weak in the knees. And tremble.

That’s a lesson for you, right there:

The power of reputation.

It’s what enables an eighty year old man with fucked knees – to make grown men piss their pants, just by looking at them funny.

This fascinated me.

And it still does.

It’s the perfect illustration of what I will share with you in this article.

Listen carefully to me right now:

While none were smarter – these men were younger, faster and stronger than my old friend.

And unless he sat with a gun in his lap, which he did not, he was incapable of hurting them physically.

Yet – they were afraid.

And they were afraid because of something called perception.

He controlled their perception of him through his reputation, and as a result, he had a psychological advantage – he had them convinced that he was superior to them in all aspects.

That was one of the many incredible lessons he taught me.

And on that cold day as we cut wood in the forest, I discovered that this particular lesson, was the lesson that changed his entire world and turned him into a massive success – when he first learnt it, many years ago.

How did I discover this?

Well – I had an important question for him.

And I thought deeply, about how to ask it, as I cut through the logs.

This question had bothered me for a long time.

It’s a question about a lie that all the normal people on earth believe.

A lie, I used to believe.

You see – when you grow up in a normal world, but you want something that isn’t normal, in your normal world – you will conclude either, or both, of the following two things:

A) You are crazy, delusional and dreaming.

B) You cannot have what you want.

And this brings me to the most powerful question I ever asked him:

Why can’t I have what you have?

As I spoke those words, I put the chainsaw down in the dirt.

All you could hear now, was the wind.

And the approaching storm.

He was facing away from me, gazing out into the wilderness – but he turned around slowly when he heard the words that left my mouth.

And he looked at me, with a little smile, as the smoke from his cigarette was carried away in the wind.

The Godfather’s response, changed my entire world.

It changed the way I looked, at the entire world.

It altered my perception.

And, it gave me power.

You see – as a kid, I was bullied a lot.

I was picked last.

And I was the fat kid, who people made fun of.

I had my head smashed into the schoolyard pavement, then woke up to a guy, sitting on my chest, driving his bare fists into my face, as people I knew, and people I trusted, stood by and watched – doing absolutely nothing.

The ones who didn’t like me, cheered him on.

And they laughed.

That particular day, and all the events before it – changed me deeply.

It made me angry.

It made me anxious.

It crushed my spirit completely.

But it also turned me into a monster.

You see: while I was on my back, getting my face smashed in – I found something within.

Something that I had never found before.

I found a dark entity.

An evil force.

It made me smile and laugh through bloody teeth, while I drove my thumbs into this motherfucker’s eye sockets.

It made me chase him through the schoolyard covered in my own blood – screaming at the top of my lungs that I wanted more.

It removed my fear of everything.

It removed all self-control.

And all it wanted was death.

Nobody fucked with me after that.

Deep down though, that day, and all the days before it – made me feel inferior to almost everyone, until that moment in the forest, when the Godfather turned around and gave me the greatest advice of all time:

“I came from nothing, Maverick.

Absolutely, nothing.

Do you understand that?

All the boys – they came from nothing.

The day that everything changed for me, was the day I realised that the people I looked up to, were no smarter and no better than I was.

And the only thing stopping me from getting what they had, was my belief that, they only had what they had, because they were superior to me.

Once I realised, that nobody was superior to me, and that successful people were not special: I started doing things I never thought I could do.

Eventually, my role models became my competition. And I beat them.

You and me – we’re no different, son.

We’re just men. We both bleed. We both breathe the same air.

And you CAN have what I have.

You can have more than I have.

But you have to take it.

And you have to understand that nobody is superior to you, unless you give them permission to be.”

For a while, I stood there looking at him, thinking about what he said.

As the storm approached and he looked at me through his fierce eyes – I thought back to the days when I was bullied. I thought about the bad things that had happened. I thought about what people had called me – people I cared about, and people I looked up to.

And then I realised, that none of it mattered.

Not. One. Fucking. Bit.

Nobody was better than me, nobody was superior to me, and the people I looked up to, were not special – they were just as human as me.

I realised that my future was limited by nothing more than my perception of myself and the world around me.

I could become anything.

And I could do anything – just like he did.

The same principle applies to you.

Nobody is superior to you.

That is just a bullshit belief inside your average mind.

Do you understand that?

The idea that another human being is superior to you, is only in your head – it is only your perception.

And if you’re like most people – your perception is nothing more than a filthy, scratched up lens: covered in all the shit, you have concluded about yourself, and about your life.

You don’t see reality.

You just see all the shit on your lens.

In reality, we are all just walking sacks of skin, blood and bone – who live for a short amount of time, and then get buried in the dirt for the fucking worms to eat.

How about that?

Average minded people think that wealthy and successful people are super geniuses.

And they idolise them.

They put them on a pedestal and worship them.

They believe that these people are special.

And they become convinced that they cannot create what those people have created.

This is an illusion.

They are just people.

They eat like you do.

They sleep like you do.

They bleed like you do.

And they breathe the same air that you breathe.

Successful people are not special.

Respect their success.

Study their success.

Learn from their success.


Never bow down and worship their success.

Never bow down and worship any motherfucker.

And if you live in the modern world – you are not oppressed.

You do not have superiors.

All you have is the time between right now and when you die.

That. Is. All.

So get off your fucking ass.

And go take what is yours.

Until Next Time. 

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