What Is The Value of Your Time?

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Why Time Is Your MOST Precious Possession.


People talk about time all the time.

They say:

Don’t waste time because you never get it back. 

Everybody knows this.

Everybody will agree with this.

And everybody has heard this saying.

It has been repeated so much that it’s importance has been lost within it’s simplicity.

And as I have said in other articles, it’s often the simple cliches that we all overlook, that hold the answers which we seek.


While we all say that our time is important, and while we all say, that we never get it back, nobody really thinks about it..

And nobody get’s serious about it..

They just say it and feel smart.

Then they go on with their lives – continuing to waste their time in ways that they’re both aware and unaware of.

They live each day out of habit.

Doing the same shit, the same way – every day.

Very rarely will someone step back from who they currently are and look at their life situation from a higher perspective.

It takes real thinking to do that.

And real thinking ain’t something that is real easy, to do.

You see..

Real thinking is not the incessant chatter that plays inside your mind, every minute of every hour of every day.

That is just bullshit.

Bullshit that does nothing.

And bullshit that drives most people insane.

Real thinking is much different.

It’s actually listening to the all the shit inside your mind – then thinking about it, and learning from it.

Thinking about how and what you think, that’s real thinking.

This is why so few will take the time to really think about time and in particular: how they use it and how they waste it.

In this article, I have a question for you.

I want this question to make you think – about yourself and about how you manage your time.

If you’re rushing through my words, distracted and unfocused, like the majority of people will, just write down my question and think about it another time.


Without focus and depth, you will never attain the insights that can change your world.

You will simply read my words and say to yourself:

“Yes. That makes sense.”

Then you will go back to doing the same bullshit that you do every day.

The shit that your habits make you do.


If you are focused, and you are willing to really think about my question – then here it is:

What is the value of your time?

Ask yourself this question.

And ask it sincerely.

Within this question is an insight that will slap you in the fucking mouth and kick you in the ass if you find it.

I can’t share that insight with you.

I can only show you the way.


I can share my insight with you.

And I will.

See that thing on the wall?

With the numbers 1-12, and the hands that move in a circular motion, around and around – eternally.

Most people call it a clock.

And most people carry one around on their wrist.

They use it to organise themselves, to arrange their time and to schedule things – just like I do.


I don’t see a clock.

I just see something that is running out.

On my wrist ticking away, encased in silver and glass, I see a timer.

A timer that is counting down.

That’s what I see.

And that’s what I remind myself of every day.

I remind myself that my time is running out.

So if you do not know the true value of your time, then you will always be wasting your time – like the majority of people do.

Everyone knows that one day they will die.

And everyone knows that death is just a part of life.

Yet the weight of this truth only begins to be felt, once you grow older, when the inevitable end comes into view.

When you are young – you don’t think about time because you think you have plenty of time.

And if you don’t die, then you do have plenty of time.


You don’t know if life will go according to your plan.

You could die tonight, tomorrow morning, or next week.

It could happen at any moment, for any reason.

And with every moment that passes, the moment when it all ends, comes just a little closer.

Over the years I have learnt from many people..

I try to learn something from everyone that I meet.

All of these people have said the same thing to me, especially those who are much older than myself.

They say that time just flew. Vanished. And went by before they knew it.

Suddenly they were 40 or 50 or 60 years old – looking back in shock at how fast it all happened, looking back at all the chances they never took, and looking back at everything they wanted to do, but never did.

And as they looked back in time I would look deep into their eyes and study their faces.

Would you like to know what I seen?

Mostly regret, among other things.

I didn’t see faces that revealed the joy of time well spent – in the pursuit of meaning and purpose.

I just seen faces
that would say:

“What have I done with my life?”

Some of those faces belonged to people with enough riches to last generations.

And some of those faces belonged to people with nothing.

But the faces always looked the same.

As I remember those faces – I ask myself the following questions:

1) Is this vision I am chasing – what I truly want?

2) Am I doing all that can be done – each day?

You can always answer the first question by paying attention to how you feel.

If you’re chasing something you don’t care about, and don’t want – stress, anxiety and mental pain are going to show up in your life on a daily basis.

Those feelings are feelings that most people choose to live with – every day of the week.

They bury them inside and they get eaten alive by them.

Their faces grow dark.

And their light goes out.

A Great Man Known as Benjamin Franklin once said:

“Most people die at 25, and aren’t buried until they’re 75.”

You should really think about that.

When I look back at the past 22 years that I’ve spent on earth – a few valuable lessons, which life has taught me, come to mind.

One of the most powerful lessons is this:

Your mind will often lie to you unless you’re trained in the art of real thinking.

But your gut instinct will always point you towards what you want.

And so you must learn how to trust it.

We all take what we have for granted.

And this is the pain of being human.

Most of our life we spend labouring away, pouring our time into pursuits that are often motivated by nothing more than deep seated insecurities – then, once we finally attain the treasure we seek, we are happy momentarily, until the discontent sets back in and we are compelled to chase more.

And it seems as though the things we really want to do and the life we deeply desire to have – are always part of some imagined future that exists only in our minds.

We never actually get around to making it happen.

Instead we procrastinate on our life and this is a mistake because you just don’t know if you will be here tomorrow.

Do you understand that?

You just don’t know.

People die every single day.

And you could be next.

Father time waits for no man.

He’s just gonna keep on rollin until your time is up.

Until next time.  

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