F**k Comfort.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Comfort’s Cost.


Comfort, like everything in life – has a cost. 

And when comfort is abused, the cost compounds.  

What is that cost?

It is a weak mind. 

You see..

Life has taught me that nothing makes people weaker and more blind to reality than a comfortable, easy life.  

A life with no challenge.

No hardship.

And no obstacles to overcome

That’s a life that’ll make your willpower rot away inside until you have no willpower left. 

It’ll make you a fool with a soft mind. 

And fools with soft minds inevitably collapse under the pressure that life often creates. 

Fools think the easy times will last forever.

They get lazy, indulge in pleasure and neglect what should not be neglected: maintaining discipline, holding the line and keeping the mind sharp.

What these fools don’t understand is that the good times will not last forever.

And the good times are not supposed to last forever. 


Well a life without suffering and pain is no life at all. 

That’s the shit that gives your life an essence – a meaning. 

It’s in overcoming hardships and enduring pain, then making it through to something better, that real fulfilment is found. 

Do you understand? 

You’ve gotta do hard shit.

And you’ve gotta do it on a regular basis. 

Doing hard shit and doing it well makes you appreciate the good times when they come. 

Being comfortable all the time and never struggling will turn your mind into a mashed fucking potato that is damn near useless.

Just take a look at the youngsters who have everything given to them and never struggle for anything. 

Take a look at the morons who do nothing but sit on their ass, playing video games and eating Doritos for breakfast. 

They’re fucking useless. 

And being useless in this world is not a good thing – it is a bad thing. 

In my own life, I find it very hard to stay sane when everything is going fine and I have nothing to overcome, nothing to solve, nothing to build… 

I start to overthink.

I start to get bored.

And I start to feel depressed. 

I used to tell myself that I’d be happy when I got this, or that. 

But then I got this and that – only to discover that it did nothing and what I really wanted more than anything else was a meaningful struggle to engage in, every day. 

Read that again. 

A meaningful struggle. 

That’s what will make your life worth living and that is what will have you laying your head down each night, content and fulfilled. 

I remember a line from one of my favourite books and that line came in the form of a question. 

Here it is: 

How good can you handle it?

We all tell ourselves that we will be happy when we reach whatever it is that we’re working towards. 


What will we do once we attain what we want? 

What then? 

Temporary satisfaction, followed by the very same feelings that were driving you before – followed by seeking a new mission to give your life order again.

That’s what. 

Because the joy is in the process, and the struggle. 

It’s waking up every day and doing the work. 

It’s feeling stressed from problems. Then solving those problems. 

It’s the balance between pain and pleasure, comfort and discomfort, work and leisure – that produces feelings of fulfilment and satisfaction. 


Too much ease is no good. 

And too much pain is no good. 

You need a bit of both to find the sweet spot. 

Blissful Dissatisfaction – that’s something a fella called Ed Mylett came up with. 

It basically means choose to be happy in the moment, and in the struggle – but don’t get satisfied with it. Don’t get comfortable. Keep pushing and keep growing because that’s where the joy comes from.

You get weaker in comfort.

Your armour begins to rust.

All you gotta do is show up at your job, do what you’re supposed to do and go home. 

Ain’t much thinking required at all. 

Ain’t much of anything required, at all.

You don’t have to stay sharp.

You don’t have to be uncomfortable and there’s no need to push yourself.

Because of that you lose touch with reality.

And your comfortable circumstances protect you from having to face reality.  

The reality that this world is a dangerous place, filled with a lot of dangerous people who don’t give a fuck about you. 

We don’t see evil very often in the modern world – we’re protected from it by our laws and our governments. 

While we’re sitting in our air conditioned homes, eating ice cream and watching television – children are having their limbs cut off by savages and people are starving to death. 

You know that, right?  

But of course, we don’t see that on television.

Instead we see advertising for cars that are supposed to make us better, drugs that will take away our pain, clothing that will make us cooler and appliances that will make our lives even easier.

We see the latest gossip about celebrities. 

We see bullshit.

And in our safe, cosy little bullshit world – we get comfortable.

Then, with too much time on our hands and not enough pain, we start to think stupid shit, and we stop paying attention.


Change is the fundamental law of life.

Nothing ever stays the same.

And on every level of existence, there is evolution and there is movement.

There is constant change.  

Everything around you is in motion and moving forward although you may not be able to see it.  

Technology evolves, and may render your job obsolete.

People change, and are seldom who you wish they would be.

Circumstances change, and they change fast..  

Events in the world will happen, and the effects of those events will ripple through time and space, effecting you indirectly, through the people and the environment around you.  

Life has made it very clear to me that when things are tough and you are struggling – it is much easier to keep the mind sharp.

You are forced to pay attention and be realistic.

You cannot afford to bullshit yourself.

That’s where you want to be.


To stay sharp and stay ready – your life should be a balancing act between chaos and order, and it should be built around struggle and effort.

As a final word, let’s talk a little about security, particularly job security, and why it does not fucking exist. 

Listen, if you work for somebody else security does not exist and you are at their mercy.

If they have to get rid of you, they will get rid of you.

YOU are not their priority. Their business is their priority. And they will put their business interests before your interests.

I don’t care what they tell you, what their relationship is to you and how well you think you know them. 

When money is involved, people will fuck you over without a second thought, unless they have firm principles, and people with firm principles are very rare.

To think anything else, is to be delusional. 

Therefore, remember – security only exists when you create it yourself by building something that produces income and has your name on it. 

Jeff Bezos has security. 

Warren Buffett has security. 

Elon Musk has security.

Owners, masters and winners, have security. 

Minions have nothing more than a comfortable delusion that exists at the mercy of those who own them.

So don’t get comfortable. 

Don’t become complacent. 

And never stop paying attention. 

Until next time.

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