The Reason YOU Must Take Responsibility For Your Money & Your Life.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Taking Responsibility For Your Money And Life.


Outside, rain was coming.

I could smell it in the wind that blew through the alleyway.

Dark clouds were developing overhead, and the sun had almost set.

Thunder rumbled in the distance too – a change in seasons, bringing a change in weather.

I push a door open, step off the alleyway and walk inside – where it was warmer, where the sounds of people drinking and socialising filled the atmosphere.

Earlier that day I had trained legs. Heavy box squats. Stiff leg dead lifts. Lunges. And reverse hyper-extensions.

They cramp up as I walk, and ache every time I bend down – the sign of a good, hard training session.

I push another door open now.

It leads me into the part of the building where I work – cooking wood fired pizza.

This particular form of work, has been a love of mine for some time, and the perfect side gig to make money whilst I write and live my life.

The combination of the open fire, the people chatting, and the food – it allows me to empty my mind, and relax.

Now inside, I see a woman, she is holding a small child in her left arm, and holding the hand of another small child in her right hand.

She looks at me and smiles.

Her hair is blonde, eyes bright blue, and she is shorter than me by a great degree.

“Hi Maverick. How are you?”

I smile back and respond.

“I’m well thank you. How are you?”

She says something inaudible to the child beside her, then turns back to me.

“Good mate. Did you get the message to all staff?”


I say, shaking my head. And she nods her head.

“The commonwealth online banking system crashed yesterday. And nobody has been paid. I’ve had people calling all day, telling me they have no money, and asking when it will come through. I’m really sorry but it’s out of my control.”

I nod my head.

“That’s no good. How bad is it?”

She shakes her head, quickly – says something, again inaudible, to the child in her arms.

Then looks back at me.

“It was nationwide. But it’s fixed now. Your money won’t come through until next week though. I hope this is ok?”

I nod my head again.

“No stress. You have a good night.”

“Will do.”

She smiled back.

Then she made her way down a long hall, towards the alleyway that I just emerged from.

One child in her arm, and the other close behind her.

I made my way into the bright kitchen, checked the fire inside the oven, put on my apron and began filling the wood bucket.

Once the wood bucket was full, I grabbed a few heavy chunks of wood, slid them inside the oven, then threw them onto the hot bed of coals using my shovel.

And for a moment, as I always do – I gazed into the flickering flames and watched the wood catch alight.

It smouldered at first, then sparked and ignited, burning bright and lighting up the inside of the oven.

The heat of it warmed my cold face and hands, as I stared at the fire.

I was oblivious to the banking crash the previous day.

I’d heard nothing of it, and had not checked my account to see if I’d been paid, for I was preoccupied that day.

But the next day, no money came, just as the lovely lady said.

And so, what did I do?

Nothing out of the ordinary to be honest.

I went to the gym, wrote for a few hours, listened to classical music in my favourite park and went to work in the evening.  

The banking crash, and the delay in getting paid – caused me absolutely no concern, and that’s because I don’t live week to week like most of the fools in this world.

Whether I get paid when I am supposed to, or I don’t, does not bother me.

As long as I get paid at some point I’m happy.

I generally like to live year to year and not week to week – but it depends on what I’m building or working towards.

As a rule, however, I like having no less than five figures in cash at my disposal.

And I get nervous if I don’t have that, which is my definition of broke.

The men I’ve tracked down and learnt from are the same – just much better.

Whether they get paid on time or not, doesn’t matter.

They don’t live week to week, or year to year – they live decade to decade, if anything.

And they don’t have jobs, either.

Instead they have businesses, assets and investments that make them money while they sleep.

I’m not at that point, yet, but one day I will be.

It’s just a matter of doing the work and staying focused for a long enough period of time.

That’s the hardest, yet most crucial factor in creating success: staying focused for a long enough period of time for results to manifest in your reality.

Take note of that.

So, as I stared into the lovely fire that night and waited for an order to come through – I began thinking about this article.

I began thinking about the message that I would share.

And as people complained to me about empty bank accounts, and the unfairness of it all – I pretended to give a fuck as I continued developing this article in my mind.

They looked at me like helpless slaves in total despair, simply because they’re weekly pay cheques were late.

So, as the invisible shackles around their ankles, rattled when they walked off – I thought to myself, what a wonderful world…

Just kidding, I didn’t think that.

I thought the following instead:

“What the fuck is wrong with these people? ”

Now I’m a fairly gentle and pleasant fella – so I said nothing and assured them that it would be ok, then I went back to cooking.

But in my mind, I wondered, and I wondered, how on earth do they live that keeps them down on their knees, week after week, year after year, forever?

Well I knew the answer.

Heard it playing on repeat in the back of my mind.

Money is second nature to me, and I don’t know why.

Actually, that’s a lie.

It’s second nature because growing up I read every book on it that I could find and I found rich men who took me under their wing and passed down their knowledge.

I sought answers.

And I found my answers.

So with the knowledge that I gained from my self-education, and the habits that those rich men drilled into me, I took responsibility for my dough, and I swore to myself, with my heart and fucking soul – that I would never, ever, ever, allow myself to end up like most people end up.

How do most people end up?

Well they end up living week to week, broke as a joke, spending every last penny for the sake of it and doing absolutely fucking nothing to make more money and increase their relative value to the world.

They are just consumers, and parasites – consuming, consuming, consuming.

That’s why when that lovely little blonde lady gave me the bad news – I didn’t give a rat’s ass.

And if I didn’t get paid the week after, I still wouldn’t give a rat’s ass.

What would I do?

I would do exactly this:

A) Make a few notes in the receivables column of my balance sheet, listing the total amount owed to me.

B) Continue my day and go on my way.

You see..

Because I read good books on money, interned for accountants who managed money, and learnt from rich men who had lots of money – I now have a system built into my mind that takes care of my finances for me.

I have cash to use because I live my life like a monk.

And I know I can make money if I need to make money.

When you come up from nothing like I have and still am – you know the value of the dollar.

You appreciate it a lot more than the shit stains who have everything given to them.

Most of the people I’ve worked with over the years, who struggled and continue to struggle with money, are not spoilt brats who’ve had everything given to them.

They probably wouldn’t
be working if that was the case.

Generally – they’re hardworking, honest and down to earth people.


And this is literally the knife’s edge between wealth and poverty:

They are simply uneducated when it comes to money, which is why they, and most of the people on this earth, spend their entire lives as slaves to money, instead of being creators of money.

It’s just a lack of knowledge and a lack of the drive to acquire knowledge.

Nothing else.

Years ago when I tried to tell people what all my reading had taught me, I got frustrated when they laughed at me and refused to listen.

I wasted a lot of time trying to explain to them, that they made themselves slaves for the following reasons:

A) They chose to go into debt for depreciating assets.

B) They chose to work jobs as their primary means of producing income and to pay off their debts, without any attempt to create other sources of income.

C) They chose to neglect self-education.

Years later, looking back – it’s obvious why they laughed at me and called me a crazy fool.

You can’t expect anyone to just give up everything they have been taught, everything they believe, and everything they know, in order to accept something new, that is the complete opposite of everything they have been taught and believe.

Relearning everything you know can be a very hard thing to do because the mind set’s like concrete as you age, which is why most people over 25 will never change.

Massive pain is the only way they’ll change because their neuropathways are set, their habits are in place and their mind closes off unless they’ve been taught the right stuff.

So I just stopped trying.

And I realised that most people simply cannot be helped.

They’re ignorant, stupid and brainwashed by the government to be good worker bee’s and pay their taxes.

As time has passed, I’ve come to realise that this world which you and I live inside, is very much like the world in the film known as the Matrix.

We all think we are free, but the reality is we are not free – we are slaves to money.


Here is exactly why:

Absolutely everything in this world requires money, yet we are intentionally taught as we grow up, through both observation of the world around us, and through conversation with well meaning adults, the exact opposite of what we must know in order to make money and be free.

We’re taught to borrow money for stuff, work jobs to make money so we can pay for our stuff, and then continue this forever.

This, by the way, is by design – it’s not an accident.

It’s not just like that.

Do you understand?

Here is something to think about the next time you pull out your credit card for more bullshit:

Slaves of the past were bound to their masters by chains and by force, but slaves of the modern world are bound to their masters through debt, through power and through unknowing consent.

So until we learn how to produce riches and make money work for us, we will remain as slaves with limited control over our lives and our circumstances.

And if you want to reach that point – you must completely ignore what most people think, then you must educate yourself.

Why should you ignore what most people think and do?

The reason is very simple, and I have said it countless times:


You think Public Schooling exists to make people smart?

Fuck off dipshit.

It’s an extremely effective tool for controlling how people think.

If real education and enlightenment was the aim, people wouldn’t be living week to week, helpless and slaves to their jobs.

They would be self-reliant, independent thinkers, who add value to the world instead of consuming everything.

I wish that I dropped out of school earlier, started reading earlier, found mentors earlier, and tried to start businesses earlier.

When I turned 18 I left – but even then, damage had been done and I’ve spent the last four years trying to unlearn everything I was taught growing up.

I remember very clearly, one particular day at school – after I’d started educating myself.

I had skipped class all morning, to print off Napoleon Hill’s Laws of Success, which was an 1100 page document.

So, I sat in the library stuffing the pages into a cardboard box as they emerged from the old printer, and it took me three hours to complete my mission.

Then, with my box full of papers – I went to another room to staple and organise the materials.

In that room was my English teacher.

She looked at me with her miserable old cunt of a face, then looked down at my box full of papers.

“What is all of that?” She asked, sour and grim.

I looked up from my box. Stapler in hand. Meeting her eyes with my own.

It’s The Law’s of Success by Napoleon Hill.”

And then she laughed at me, very loudly, in front of the other lady in the room.

“Good luck with that.” She said, with a smile – as she left.

That memory of mine embodies the spirit crushing nature of public schooling, and it’s part of the reason I despise it so much.

Teachers used to confiscate my books, punish me for being different, and actively attempt to hold me down as I just described – which is considered perfectly fine by the general population.

School tried to make me a helpless, dumb and dependent slave, just like it was originally designed to do, to the masses, after the industrial revolution.


Modern, industrialised society cannot exist and operate as it does, without slaves.

It’s as simple as that.

An extract From Will Durant’s Story of Civilisation.

School succeeded to a certain degree, in making me stupid, but not to the extent that it did for everyone else.

Unlike them, I woke up early.

But I also woke up with a bunch of limiting beliefs that were programmed into me by school – Learned Helplessness being one of the most devastating.

And so, as I stood gazing into the flames of the fire, listening to the people around me complain about not getting paid, my mind flickered back to memories of school.

Standing in line. Waiting my turn. Raising my hand. Asking permission for everything. Getting told what to think and do. Receiving rewards for obedience, and getting punished for anything outside the box.

Now I think to myself, it all makes perfect sense – we’re trained to not take responsibility, we’re rewarded for fitting in, and we’re punished for being different.

We are born into invisible chains that only a few become aware of, and break free from.

The rest stay down on their knees, living week to week and remaining slaves for their entire life.

“In this world Maverick – you have the queen bee’s and you have the worker bee’s. The queen bee’s get all the rewards, and the worker bee’s slave away to keep the queen bee’s happy.”

The man who said that to me was a retired businessman, 48 years old, happy and rich.

He could see the truth.

And he knew that I could too.

Part of me, that night by the fire in the kitchen, wanted to slap those people in the face and say WAKE UP.

But these days, I know that most people can’t be helped – they have to suffer, and suffer, and suffer, until they finally decide that they’ve had enough of begging and living off scraps.

That’s when they make the decision.

The decision that changes their whole world.

And that decision, is the decision to take back control.

To get up off their knee’s, to stop living week to week like a fucking slave, and to fight for what they really want.

Life has kicked my ass quite a bit over the years, and I’m grateful for it.

It’s taught me the ways of this world, the secrets of the universe, and the undeniable truth that if you don’t take control of your life, somebody else will take control of it for you, and they will use you to make their own life better.

My mind seems to work in an interesting way, and until I realised how it worked – I thought I was an idiot.

I can connect the dots, link information together, piece together the puzzles of life – and see things that most people can’t see.

That’s why when I look around and see a world full of slaves, governed by forces that are hidden in plain sight, I feel like a stranger.

So, I just go about my life and I don’t say anything to anyone about what I see.

A lot of the time, because of what I have seen and done, I feel as though I am living two separate lives.

I’ve seen the world of the elite class. Spoken to the people that exist within it, and gained insight into how their minds work – they’re creators, innovators and masters of their own reality.

Yet, I still live within another world. A much humbler world. Where people work jobs for money, and are content, unknowingly, to live as slaves forever.

So, as I live out my life, on this thin line between these parallel worlds – I can’t help but conclude, that the only difference between the richest individuals I know, and the poorest individuals I know, are the thoughts in their minds.

One of the most influential moments in my life so far, occurred just outside of Sydney, in a suburb known as Marsden park.

I was sitting in the passenger seat of a $200,000 Mercedes.

The man driving it owned the suburb, and he was a property developer, whom I met back when I worked in construction.

I vividly remember sitting next to him as we drove through those streets, watching him look around, surveying his land and smoking a cigarette – laughing at all the suckers who had buried themselves in debt to buy one of his homes.

He was the master and they were his minions, yet he was just a man.

It was his mind that separated him from the people we passed on the streets.

And as we drove by them, that’s when I understood the very first lesson of success that I was taught, many years ago.

That lesson, is this:

There is nothing elite about the elite class, except for their elite thought process, and their elite thought process is what produces their elite results.

All is mind, and mind is all.

Once you understand that, you will awaken from your sleep, you will get up off your knees, and you will realise that man is nothing more than what he thinks he is.

Your man,
Maverick Brenton.

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