Waiting Your Turn In Life Is A Losing Strategy (and why)

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Step Out of Line & Win.


Just recently I found myself in Bunnings Warehouse, an Australian hardware store that stocks everything a man could need.

I used to visit it often back when I worked in construction – to buy tools, parts and materials.

This time however, I was buying garden supplies.

White oil, for killing nasty bugs, and a moisture meter, which is used for measuring the moisture of the soil in potted plants.

I’d just finished up at the gym, and was covered in sweat.

Winter has recently passed, the days are warming up, and boy am I excited for a new season.

I always experience a drop in creativity over the winter.

Summer is my most creative time, and winter is a period of rest, reflection and meditation.

So I made my way through the huge warehouse, down long isles filled with stock, and was directed by various staff members to a number of different places, looking for the same thing.

Within about 15 minutes, I found myself standing in line at the front counter.

Three older women stood in front of me.

One man, who looked like a builder, and who was holding a trolley full of timber – stood behind me.

As usual I pulled out my phone and started to fuck around on it.

Looking through my notes, checking my email, and not paying attention, until I remembered the lesson from the coffee shop that I wrote about in a recent article.

Remembering that lesson, I put the phone away, and decided to observe my surroundings.

Approximately 30 seconds had passed whilst my eyes were glued to the phone, and nothing major had changed.

Three women remained in front of me, and the builder remained behind me.

Two minutes in – the line had not moved forward.

And so naturally, I started to wonder why it was taking so long.

I looked behind me.

The builder was looking more impatient.

I looked in front of me.

The women were tapping their feet rapidly, also growing impatient.

Then I looked past the people in the cue and watched the lady behind the counter.

She was cutting a key in intermittent spurts, searching through a series of other keys whilst she cut the key, and in addition to that – she was talking to the first customer in the line, an ugly looking woman, who I assumed was having a key cut, by the lady cutting the key behind the counter.

The two women behind the ugly lady having the key cut, had no more than one or two things to purchase.

The man behind me, had four pieces of nice looking timber.

I had only two things – white oil for killing nasty bugs, and a moisture meter, for testing the moisture of my pot plants.

We all noted this.

And everyone grew more impatient.

So I began to look around, along with the fella behind me.

“There has to be another register?” I thought to myself, as I looked.

After a brief scan of the environment, we both spotted the tool section, with it’s own register – about thirty metres away.

It was clearly visible from where we stood.

Not a single customer was at that register, and everyone was lined up where I stood, instead.

Another man joined the cue, behind the man with the four nice pieces of timber.

He pulled out his phone and started scrolling.

I eyeballed the other register.

Then a sharply dressed, clean cut man in a pink shirt and brown chino’s, walked straight past our cue, to the other register.

He was immediately served, then he left the building.

“Hmm.” I thought.

The man behind me seen it too.

He looked at me, said nothing, then left the cue with his trolley – heading for the tool section.

I followed.

The builder man was served immediately, and the register was free.


Instead of paying for my things and leaving, I decided to wait a moment.

I wanted to watch the other cue, which had grown both longer and more impatient since my departure from it.

So I leaned against a pile of boxed power tools, sat my stuff on top of them, and watched a series of new people join the line.

The two women that stood in front of me remained where they were, but both had grown very frustrated.

Tapping their feet rapidly, they shook their heads, and they exchanged words with each other, but it was inaudible from where I stood.

More people joined the busy cue, expanding it to approximately seven people.

The ugly lady having the key cut didn’t look behind her, and the staff member cutting the key didn’t look up either – both knowing, beneath their seemingly calm faces, that they were holding up a long cue of irritated and frustrated idiots.

“Excuse me sir, are you ok? Can I help at all?”

The girl speaking was young, no more than 20 – with brown hair and rosy cheeks.

She was behind the register in the tool section, and spotted me leaning against the boxes, watching the other cue.

“I’m fine. Be over in a moment.”

She nodded and went back behind the register.

Five minutes passed now.

Everyone in the cue had grown very impatient, and most where buried in their smartphones.

One of the women that was initially in front of me, stormed off and left her stuff next to the register.

I watched quietly, as only about two people walked past the long cue, gave it a quick glance – then kept on walking, paid for their stuff at the tool register and left.

Finally the key cutting was done and the ugly lady left.

Shortly after that, the line was reduced from seven, to two people, in less than two minutes.

When the last two people were served and the cue had disappeared, I looked down at the box of power tools in front of me, took a deep breath, and thought about what I had just seen.

All those fools, who were not paying attention, just waited in line with everyone else for a ridiculous amount of time, while a few smart people noticed what was happening, and made their way to the other register.

Some of the fools had their eyes glued to their smartphones, just like I did at first.

Some of the fools just stared at the floor, and decided to wait as long as they had to wait.

Some of the fools grew impatient, and emotional, instead of looking for another solution.

And all of those fools had to wait in line, quietly, for their turn to come.

Now turn off your fucking smartphone, pay attention to nothing but my words, and listen closely.

The events that occur in your daily life, hold some of the greatest lessons that life has to teach, and this is especially so when it comes to nature.

Go sit in a park for hours with nothing, and just look around.

Watch the ants, study the strategies they use to survive, and look for patterns that reveal how they behave.

Observe the birds, study their movements, and watch them protect their territory.

Look carefully at the ducks, notice their feathers, and consider that the pattern of those feathers is formed with the exact same mathematical sequence as the pine cones laying around on the grass.

Notice the leaves fall from the tree’s, blown about by the wind, but inevitably pulled to the earth through the force of gravity – one of the physical laws that our reality is constructed upon.

There is a teaching hidden beneath the surface of everything around you.

So, in that moment as I leaned against the box of tools and thought about what I had just observed – I learnt one of life’s great lessons.

And I realised why waiting your turn, does not work:

To be, do, or have, anything above ordinary in this world – you have to abandon the group, step out of line and forge your own path.

You can’t do what everybody else is doing and expect to get a different result.

You can’t work a job, pay your bills on time, and be a good little minion – then expect to have the ultimate freedom that we all desire.

You cannot wait in line and expect the line to move faster for you because it won’t.

And it won’t because it’s not designed to move faster for you.

It’s designed, instead, to keep you stuck.

So fuck the line, and fuck waiting in it with all the other idiots holding their hands out for a lottery win, or something else that will make their dreams come true.

If you wait your turn, and wait in line, just like you are taught to do growing up, smarter people, and people who are more aware, will beat you and they will come out on top.

Just like the people who walked past the busy cue, and got served immediately at the other register – you will lose in life if you cannot step up and take what you want without asking for permission.

Do you understand?

Waiting your turn, and waiting in line – is a losing strategy.

It does not work.

We are only taught to do this growing up, because most of us grow up in a system that is designed to keep us unaware and stupid.

The “lucky” people who get what they want in life, are the ones who wake up and take what they want from life.

None of the rich men or women that I have met, and learnt from, waited their turn – they decided what they wanted, they went after what they wanted, broke the rules, stepped on toes, and got what they wanted.

And that’s because they understand how the world really works: it’s harsh, it’s competitive and it eats the weak alive.

Here is something for you to meditate on:

Most of the people walking around on this planet are exactly like the fools who waited in line, for the lady to finish having her key cut.

They stand there, like sheep, waiting their turn, not paying attention, and playing it safeinstead of looking for a better way to achieve what they want.

Why do they do this?

Because it’s exactly what we are all trained to do growing up.

And it’s exactly why most people will never do anything.

They do what everyone else is doing because they’re scared to do something different.

Just. Like. Sheep.

If you attempt to tell them there is a better way, most of them will look at you like you’re crazy and only a few of them will really listen.


In this world, only a very small percentage of people, who have heightened awareness
– completely disregard waiting in line like all the fools who are not paying attention.

As a result, they find a better, faster, more effective way to win.

These people do not bother standing in line, waiting their turn – and they don’t bother doing this because they know from experience that it does not work.

Instead they create their own luck and they create their own opportunities.

Like Abraham Lincoln said:

Great things may come to those who wait, but only the things left over from those who hustle.”

This is why 20% of the human population owns 80% of the wealth.

It is the because of something known as the Pareto Distribution Principle, which I will explain further.

In my story above there were approximately ten to twelve people in total, both at the busy register and the quiet register.

About eight of those people waited in line, like sheep, for their turn to come, and only four of those people, including myself, decided to use the other register.

80% of the people stood in line and waited their turn, and 20% found a better way.

The majority lost, a minority won, and this applies to everything in the Universe.

It’s another lesson hidden beneath the surface of our everyday experience, and you will only notice these lessons if you’re wide awake, paying attention.

Waiting your turn in life is a losing strategy and simply does not work, it’s just another way to keep you quiet and obedient.

If you want something in this world, there is only one way that you are ever going to get it.

What is it?

It’s by making the fucking decision to take it yourself – without permission, without approval, and without any external support.

If you can just do that and not quit, you’ll get the prize friendo.

Your Man,
Maverick Brenton.

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