Eight Pieces of Advice For Ambitious and Intelligent Young Men.

From A Coffee Shop Table.
Subject: Advice To The Young And Hungry Wolves.

Before you get started reading I would like to let you know that this article is quite long, took a good amount of time to produce, and will take a good amount of time to read.

These words are words of divinity.

I don’t come up with this stuff, despite what you may think.

It comes through me, as a message from the source – for those who need to hear it.

I’m just the medium for it’s deliverance.

So if you don’t have the capacity to sit down and patiently study what I have produced for you – don’t try to.

If your attention span is not the equivalent of a goldfish, continue and hopefully you will find something that helps you.

Let’s Get Started:

Nothing makes sense when you’re young.

Things only begin to make a little sense after you have been alive for a while and if you’re actually trying to figure out life.

As you’re probably aware, when it comes to living life – most people will tell you to do the following:

“Go to University, get a good job, get yourself a big ol’ house with kids and a mortgage, save for your retirement!”

That’s what they say, and deep down you know there is something that stinks about it.

Your eyes see the lies.

And your gut instinct tells you where you must go – but everyone around you preaches the opposite, so you doubt yourself.

Well I have good news friendo, your eyes are working just fine, and you’re not wrong.

There is a lot more to life than what most people preach, and that’s because most people are slaves who live with their eyes closed to the truth.

Willingly, they become slaves, through a nasty little contract called debt – which places invisible shackles around their ankles, and keeps them stuck.

They sell their soul, they give away their freedom and they hand the ownership papers of their life over to people who don’t give a fuck about them.

As a young man the whole world is at your feet, and you can have everything you’ve been told you cannot have.


You must be willing to walk your own path and ignore the friendly advice of all the normal people you grew up around, because they don’t know shit about shit.

Paying off credit cards, bills and debts. Taking orders. Living week to week.

That’s their life.

And if you listen to them – you’ll get nothin’ more than they’ve gotten.

It’s not gonna be easy either, walking this road, all on your little lonesome.

Let’s get that crystal clear.

At times, and much more than you currently realise, you’re going to feel like just giving up.

You’re going to feel lonely, lost, depressed, confused, scared, anxious and utterly crushed.

This world is going to sit you on your ass over and over and over again – making you think there is no possible way out of the darkness.

It’s going to push you around, and spit on you like your nothing, until you remember who you are.

And as you’re about to learn, there is only one man in this world who knows who you are.

That man looks at you in the mirror every morning, and every night.

He knows the true way in his heart.

And he holds the answers that you desperately seek.

With that said, here are eight pieces of advice for the young and hungry Wolves.

I) Lift Weights Every Single Day.

The number one way to keep a clear mind and fight off any feelings of anxiety or depression is to pump iron every single day.

When I don’t train for more than two days in a row, I start to feel agitated and my mind becomes foggy.

I get anxious. I get caught up in my head. I cannot think clearly.

You have to exercise, you have to sweat, you have to move your body and you have to make it grow stronger every single day.

It’s not optional.

Just do not overdo it and injure yourself.

Train smart, rest well and take care of your body because injuries will only set you back.

Do yourself a quick favour:

Look at most of the older men around you, and the younger men too.

What do they look like?


Now they look like dogshit for two main reasons:

A) They eat poison that destroys their testosterone levels.

B) They don’t train.

The ability to pump iron and eat good food, is something that every man should be doing, young and old – to both keep the mind clear and the body ready to kill.

A weak man is not a man.

A man must be strong, for strength is the backbone of manhood.

He must be able to defend both himself and his own blood – if he is to be a man.

Now lifting by itself, won’t make you a better fighter.

Only fighting makes you a better fighter.


Being motherfucker strong and a tough son of a gun will make you a lot harder to kill if that moment ever comes.

All you must do is choose to put down the junk and lift weights for an hour each day.

It will also boost your immune system, improve your ability to focus, keep your testosterone levels high, make your bones stronger, your joints stronger, and improve just about everything in your body.

In addition to that, the ladies love guys with muscles.

So get in the damn gym, every day, and just do something.

Build a body that you can look at with pride.

Build something that turns heads in the streets.

Build something hard to kill.

Do it now, while you are young – and you’ll take it with you for the rest of your life.

II) Do Not Listen to Anyone Unless They Have What You Want

This is my Rule Number One:

Do not listen to anyone unless they’re living a life that you would like to live.

If you are an ambitious and intelligent young guy, you are probably aware that the life which most people live is more of a prison sentence, than a life.

They’re slaves to money.

All they know how to do is work jobs, borrow money, pay their bills on time and piss their pants when the tax man calls.

That’s no way to live, and it’s no way for a man to live.

A man needs his freedom.

He’s not supposed to be a dispensable resource, which is exactly what you are as an employee – unless you possess a specialised skill set that most people don’t have.

To figure out where you stand regarding the above, answer the following question with brutal honesty:

Can what you do for a living be outsourced to technology, or done by somebody else with minimal training?

If you answered yes: you’re dispensable.

If you answered no: you’re less dispensable, but still dispensable, unless you are the boss man.

Ultimate freedom and financial independence should be the goal of any young man looking to lead a great life.


Well it is those two things that will lead you to a good life.

In the words of Thucydides:

“The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage.”

One does not simply attain happiness by working a slob job and living off scraps like a caged chicken.

Won’t work friendo, but what will work is creating your own work.


As a young and ambitious man, your goal should not be to get a normal job and follow the fucking herd like everyone else.

Go ahead and do that if you want nothing out of the ordinary.

If, however, like myself – you want more than what has been plated up for you by society, then you must decide to ignore just about everyone who tries to give you advice.

And you must do that because the truth is they don’t want you to have more than they do.

So instead of asking your broke friends and relatives what to do with your life: find older men who have accomplished what you wish to accomplish, pick their brains, listen and then apply their advice.


If they are rich, happy and free – then they know something that you do not know.

And if they tell you to do something, do yourself a favour by shutting your fucking mouth and doing it.

III) Completely Outlaw Intoxicants and Processed Food From Your Diet.

Lifting weights is the number one way to keep your mind sharp and eating bullshit is the number one way to keep your mind stupid.

Most of the food that exists in our supermarkets is man made, processed, and genetically modified poison that will make you sick and weak if you eat it.

How do you expect to feel good, look good, and think clearly, if your eating sugary cereals, ice cream and frozen fucking pizza every day?

You cannot and you will not.

That food is poison, and it will eventually kill you.

Next time you are shopping, take a look at what people have in their carts and then take a look at the people pushing those carts.

The majority will be filled with junk, and the people pushing them will look like lifeless dumb fucks.

Because that’s exactly what they are.

They’re equivalent to sheep lining up to have their feed, so they can be dumbed down, fattened up and eaten at a later date.

So outlaw the bad food, the bad drinks and just stay away from drugs and alcohol.

That bullshit will kill your brain cells and ruin your health faster than anything else.

Let all the dipshits around you fill their bodies with poison and make themselves docile, lifeless slaves.

You on the other hand can enjoy your steak while you watch em’ wander right through the gates of the slaughterhouse.

Now if you want to eat for optimal mental clarity and superior health as a man – I highly recommend eating nothing but meat, aka the Carnivore diet.

“But, but, but – the people on the television say that eating too much meat is bad for you!”

Listen you bloody idiot, the people on the television are liars and actors who serve a larger agenda that normal people are not aware of.

They don’t want you to be healthy and strong – they want you to be sick.

So do not listen to anything they say because everything they say is a lie.

If you base what you eat, and how you live, off the advice of strangers on a television screen, and strangers in a medical clinic – then you deserve to get sick and die because you’re a fucking moron.

“But Doctors are supposed to help me get better? They’re Doctors? They’re experts in health? Right?”

No, they’re not supposed to help you get healthier.

Everything they say is the opposite of the truth and their priority is making money.

If you go to them for help, all they will do is prescribe you pills that make you sicker.

When I was 15 years old, I was having trouble sleeping so I went to the doctor for his expert advice.

Instead of telling me to stop drinking energy drinks and playing on my fucking phone until midnight, he put me on sleeping pills.

I got addicted to those sleeping pills and they made me sick in the mind – so I threw them in the bin and decided to never listen to the experts again.

Your health is your responsibility, not anybody else’s – you must take your health into your own hands and live how nature intended you to live.

Nature did not intend for you to eat a low fat diet of grains and cereals, take anxiety and depression medication to soothe your mind, use sleeping pills to help you sleep, and painkillers to take away your pain.

If you actually think the above is good and a natural way of living, you’re in deep and I cannot help you.


Meat is what nature designed you to eat.

When you eat meat, like nature designed you to eat, you will feel fantastic and a lot of your sickness will just magically go away.

When my diet consists of nothing but meat, butter, eggs and a little coffee – I feel like a damn predator and my mind is razor sharp.

When my diet consists of anything I want, like processed foods and sugary bullshit – I get nasty mood swings, intense cravings and I have brain fog almost every waking hour of the day.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with a beer, a whiskey, a cigar, or a cigarette occasionally.

Just don’t get addicted to it and do not make it a habit.

It will cost you money now and well-being in the future.

As for drugs don’t even think about it because it is a very slippery slope that can take you down faster than anything else in this damn world.

Personally I have never touched drugs and never will but I’ve seen many good men and men with big potential – destroy themselves through cocaine, weed and other illegal drugs.

So don’t touch them, don’t try them and don’t even look at them.

Stay clean. Stay lean. Stay mean.

IV) Develop Your Powers of Common Sense.

When your grandfather wasn’t sure what to do in life, and he felt stuck – did he jump on google and search for the answers?


He did not do that.

And he did not do that because he didn’t fucking have google.

What he did have though, like most old school men – is common sense.

He would have done the most obvious thing, thought no more about it, and continued living his life like a man.

I would like to tell you a little secret:

You do not need to look outside of yourself for the answers that you seek, and you do not need constant direction from other people.

The answers you want are right in front of your face.

They hide in plain sight, but you don’t see them because your eyes are glued to your fucking smartphone looking for the answers on google.

Instead of doing that, turn off your phone, sit down with a notepad and a pen – then start writing your heart out.

Write your thoughts, write what you want and find the most obvious solution to your problem.

The simpler the solution is, and the easier it is – the better it is.

Don’t get stuck in your head, don’t complicate things, and do not run to other people looking for the answer because you will not develop the ability to think for yourself, using common sense, if you constantly do that.

A man I used to know who was in his late seventies, had people calling and coming to him every single day for advice.

And they came to him for advice because he could see the most obvious thing to do, while they could not.

That’s what makes a genius:

The ability to see the most obvious solution without overthinking and completely missing it.

They, including myself, ran around with our heads up our asses looking for an answer – while he took less than five seconds to find a solution to our problem.

And that solution was always the simplest, most obvious thing to do.

V) Develop the Ability to Trust Your Gut

Remember how I said all the answers you’re looking for, are already within you?

Well listen closely my friend.

Despite what you have been taught, you have a gut instinct.

You have something called intuition, and it is your internal GPS for navigating life.

Go against it at your own peril.


Your gut instinct and your intuition, knows your life path.

It’s purpose is to guide you along your life path.

Most people don’t know it exists because they’re ability to trust themselves and think for themselves has been replaced with the habit of blind obedience to authority.

They don’t know who they are, and they don’t know what they are – they just follow orders without question, and do what they’re told to do.

In my own life, every single time I have ignored a bad feeling in my gut – something nasty has happened and things have not worked out how I wanted them to work out.

Now there is one thing that will make trusting your gut very hard:

It’s called Fear – aka the killer of all creativity and power.

Through school you are trained to be fearful, trained to fear authority, trained to fear the unknown.

This keeps you harmless and stupid.

Fearful and depressive thoughts will taint your perception with nasty phantoms that do not exist.

These thoughts give you bad feelings in the gut that make it hard to hear your intuition – preventing you from accessing your true power.

My solution to this is very simple: develop Supreme Fearlessness.

But that ain’t easy to do, and to do it – you have to continually face the worst of the worst, until nothing bothers you anymore and you become comfortable with chaos.

Most people will never have to do that though, so fear will taint their thoughts and get in the way of their gut instinct.

When this happens, all I can recommend doing is being honest with yourself and using common sense.

Are you just scared of doing something difficult?


Is your gut instinct trying to give you a warning?

This is hard, it takes practice and you’ve been trained your whole life to delegate your thinking to other people.

Therefore you will need to relearn how to listen to your own instincts.

Never rush into making a decision either.

You must meditate on it, you must consult your own inner voice, ignoring all the noise of the outer world – and you must wait patiently for the answer to present itself.

Decisions made out of desperation are not good decisions, so you must keep a clear mind, free of fear, and you must wait patiently for the answer to present itself to you through that process of clear thinking.

Pay close attention to how you feel, and always remember that your feelings are your own personal navigation system – they will tell you whether or not you are on your path.

VI) Money is God In The Material World.

Every culture, every race, every tribe of people on this earth has their own god.

They all like to kill each other over their different gods, too.

What all these people fail to understand though, is that there is no literal god.

God is us, the devil is us.

All religions, and the bible, are simply metaphors for humanity – they’re teachings are not literal.

They are metaphorical stories that convey great truths about human nature and our world.

Let me state that again:

You are god, and you are the devil.

Heaven and hell are not places you go when you die – they are just states of mind created by the things you choose to do.

But because people are stupid, they take it literally and they actually think that a god and a devil, a heaven and a hell, exist.

If there was a god, do you really think it would have allowed Hitler to burn millions of innocent men, women and children?

Would it not have intervened?

For proof that a literal god in the clouds does not exist – simply research something called Unit 731.

Less than 100 years ago, Unit 731 was a Japanese POW camp, where they cut people open alive, with scalpels, women and children included.

They infected people with viruses and watched them die, and they tortured people for experimental data.

That is what humanity is capable of and that’s why there is no god sitting in the clouds, watching everything you do.

There is only mother nature and the laws of mother nature, which are cruel, harsh and indifferent to good and evil – the smart survive, and the foolish die off.

With that said, there is a source of all things in this universe.

Some call it god, some call it spirit and it is studied by various Secret Societies around the world – especially the Freemasons.

It’s a governing intelligence that is the source of all genius.

This governing intelligence becomes available to you when it becomes available to you – if you are actively seeking it and paying close attention.


If it is mean’t to become available to you, it will, and if you’re paying attention you will begin to see what nobody else can see.

The material language of this source is the language of numbers and symbols, aka numerology.

It speaks to us, however, through intuition, and that is why intuition is important – it is the source speaking to you.

Now To My Main Point:

On planet earth, in our material reality – the real God is money.

Money runs our material world, and money is absolutely everything in our material world – but it is completely fake at the same time.

It’s an illusion and a game.

You must pretend that money is real while knowing in the back of your mind that it is not real.

To begin becoming a master of money – you must use it to live your life, but you must always remember, at every moment, that it is not real and it is just an illusion.

If you worry about it, and stress about it – that means it is becoming your master, and you are not seeing it for what it truly is: a tool of exchange and a unit of measurement.

Money is nothing more than pieces of paper, and numbers on a screen – that represent and measure something called relative market value.

An average sized home has a relative market value of around $400,000, depending on where it is located.

An exotic sports car such as a Porsche has a relative market value of no less than $200,000.

A business that adds value to millions of people, has a relative market value of millions of dollars.

A business that adds value to billions of people, has a relative market value of billions of dollars.


Money is how we measure relative market value – aka the worth/value we associate with something in our material reality.

Now without these numbers on a screen, you cannot survive, and with lots of these numbers on a screen, you are free to do anything you want to do, within the limits of the law.

Actually, that’s a lie.

With enough money, aka power, people can, and do, buy their way straight through the laws – allowing them to do whatever the fuck they want.

Justice does not exist in this world and it’s only something that poor people must deal with when they fuck up, because they can’t afford world class lawyers and they can’t afford to pay off everyone, like the rich can and do.

These same people like to say things like:

Money doesn’t buy happiness. Money is the root of all evil. Money doesn’t matter.”

Then they spend their life trading their time for money, barely making enough to do anything or see anything, simply because they fail to understand what money is, and is not.


Money buys your freedom in this world, and until you can buy your freedom, no longer needing to work a job – you are a goddamn slave and that’s that.

The only way to make enough money to buy your freedom while you are young, is to produce enough relative market value to be rewarded with large sums of money.


When you work a job, you get a small sum of money to reward you for the small amount of relative market value you have produced.

The owner receives a much larger sum because they are producing a much larger amount of relative market value, they are taking the risks, and the load of the business is on their shoulders – that is why they deserve, and get, more money.

They are the queen bee, you are the worker bee – and only the queen bee’s make enough to be free because only they produce enough relative market value to be free.

So you must use jobs to support yourself while you build your own business and produce your own relative market value.

Don’t rely on a job to sustain your life forever, because that is a losing strategy, which brings me to my next piece of advice.

VII) Never Be The Nice Guy.

Listen, friend, being the nice guy and not being the bad guy has gotten me exactly one thing over the course of my life so far.

What’s that one thing?


It’s gotten me absolutely no-thing.

All it has done for me, is enable people to tread one me, spit on me, take advantage of me and use me to further their own interests.

It has turned away women, cost me money, and caused me to miss out on many opportunities – both sexual and business.

Instead of putting my own interests first, I did not, and people who were more aggressive and more competitive, pushed me out of the way to take what they wanted, leaving me the scraps.

Instead of choosing to be a Wolf, I chose to be a Sheep – and the Wolves sniffed me out and ate me because that is what Wolves do.

It is not bad that the Wolves eat the sheep, and neither is it good – it is simply how nature works.

If you don’t choose to become a Wolf, you are a Sheep.

And sheep get eaten by the Wolves.

So I don’t be a Sheep anymore.

In the words of an old man who taught me how to be bad:

“You’ve gotta get a bit of cunt about you mate, otherwise you’ll be getting nothing in this world.”

That’s some good advice.

This is a bad world we live in, and it was built by people who had the will to be bad.

If you want to build a great life for yourself, you must also have the will to be bad.

Like the great Friedrich Nietzsche said:
you must be beyond good and evil – creating your own morals and your own code of conduct.

You’ve gotta hurt feelings. You’ve gotta step on toes. You’ve gotta take no shit.

You’ve gotta go after what you want, with no apologies and no remorse – doing whatever must be done to achieve your goal.

Now when I say be bad, I don’t mean break the law and become a criminal, although those guys have a higher chance at succeeding than Nicolas the Nice Guy because they have balls.

What I mean is this:

Be selfish, put yourself first, take what you want, don’t ask permission, don’t settle for less and don’t apologise for it.

Winning is the only goal, and it does not matter how you get there – just stay within the law and forget the rules.

Sound rough? Sound bad?

Well, yeah, it is, but once you’ve been shit on enough in life, by people who are indifferent to right and wrong – you’ll realise that what I just wrote is as true as anything.

You must realise that we don’t live in reality anymore, we live in a comfortable delusional where most people can’t handle having their feelings hurt.

If you want to see reality, go to poor countries or go into nature – then you will see reality, where right and wrong don’t exist, where the strong and smart survive, and the weak and dumb do not survive.

VIII) Once You Build Momentum Never Lose it.

The primary cause of my first failed attempt at becoming successful in something was losing my momentum.


Momentum is the key, and once you have built it up, protect it and maintain it like your life depends on it.

It is always easier to just keep fucking going than it is to start all over again.

Setbacks will come, sure, but they don’t have to knock you completely off course like they did for me.

When setbacks come, weather them, adapt, refocus and get back up so you can keep moving forward.

From my experience, setbacks will rain down on you right before you are about to breakthrough and reach a new level of success.

They are tests, sent to test you.

And if you fail them, losing your momentum – you’re out.

Donald Trump said the exact same thing.

Years ago, he lost billions and almost went down for good, all because he lost his momentum and got distracted by bullshit.

But he came back – like any great man.

So when you start something, build your momentum, keep moving forward and do not stop moving forward.

Don’t quit, unless you know for damn sure that you DO NOT want to be doing what you are doing.

How do you figure that out?

Let me tell you:

If you have chosen to do something, there will be an initial period of excitement, before you enter something called ­The Dip.

This is where things stop being fun, and things get hard – it’s where skill, patience and mastery is developed.

No matter what you do, you will find this applies to it, and it’s where most people quit, losing all their momentum.

So if you’re going to quit, you must quit before the dip, or before you even start – never quit when it gets hard, because that’s what losers do.

This will make you think carefully about what you decide to start.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting, and it is only through experimentation that you can find your work – but you have to know when to hang on, and when to quit

To learn more about the dip, read the book on it by Seth Godin.

Your man,
Maverick Brenton.


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