How It Pays To Walk The Road Less Travelled.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Taking The Road Less Travelled.

Recently on a beautiful Sunday morning, I found myself at the doors to my new gym, ready for some heavy deadlifts, pull-ups and rows.

My bag was in my hand, caffeine was rushing through my veins, and my mind was fixed on one thing only: absolutely crushing the workout that was to come.

A man wearing black shorts, and a black hoodie, emerged from the doors before me – it was the owner of the gym.

He looked up and seen me, a darkness under his eyes, and an unusual slowness to his walk.

“Maverick! How are you? He said, in his tired voice.

“I’m well thanks. Are you ok?”

I looked him up and down, searching for an injury, searching for the cause of his fatigue.

“Yeah, just buggered. Been upgrading the switchboard to the gym for the past two days and only just finished.”

He paused for a moment, looked down at the ground and then back up at me.

“You obviously didn’t get the message about the gym being closed this weekend?”

I shook my head.

“All good. Just make sure you lock the side door on the way out. I’m out of here.”

And with that, he jumped into his truck, started the engine, then reversed out of the gym and onto the road.

Bag still in hand and a tingle of excitement now beneath my skin, I made my way into the gym, and dumped my bag in it’s usual spot.

Inside the gym it was almost silent.

Only the dull buzz of fluorescent lights and the hum of an old fan still running, could be heard

For a moment I stood quietly and I looked around the gym.

Then I made my way to the stereo, passing the old steel dumbbells, the strongman equipment and the various piles of steel weight plates, scattered around on the floor.

Music went on.

And I was ready to kill.

The next ninety minutes was a blur of chalk, of blood and of rattling steel.

I hit my heavy deadlifts, as seen below:

After that I moved to my heavy rows to build the upper back.

They were followed by high volume pull-ups, then machine pull-downs, and then some work for my traps.

After approximately two hours I was finished, soaked to the bone in sweat, and satisfied, but only for a little while.

After turning off the music, I picked up my bag and began making my way to the door.


Just before I walked outside, I stopped and turned back to the gym.

Everything was silent again, except for the buzzing lights and the hum of the fan.

My heart thumped heavily in my chest.

I could hear it clearly, in the silence.

And it was in that quiet moment, that the following article was born.

For in that moment of silence, a message came to me.

So I didn’t walk out the door.

Instead I threw my bag on the floor, made my way to the treadmill and began walking at a slow pace.

Then I began thinking, and I began to ponder the silence that engulfed me.

Years ago I read a poem written by Robert Frost – a poem about taking the road less travelled.

To me the poem was about finding the courage to walk in blind faith towards something that existed only within your mind.

It was about doing the unconventional.

It was about throwing out all thoughts of a normal and comfortable life, in the pursuit of something much greater, and much more rewarding.

Something that few men choose to pursue.

What is that something?


That’s what I call it.

And as I walked on that old treadmill, the words of the poem began to flow through my mind.

They eased my nervous heart. Took away my mortal fears. Gave me courage.

Only recently, I decided to live alone in silence, to pour my heart and soul into my work.

No television. No internet. No gadgets. No gizmos. No luxuries. No treats.


Just me and my thoughts, me and my soul, me and the work that I must do.

In my solitude, contemplating the words of the poem – here is what I have realised:

To find and fulfil our destiny in this life, we must abandon conventional living and venture into uncertainty, and into unknown territory, where nothing is promised, and no clear way forward is visible, where only the next step, and the step after that – reveal the way up our mountain path.

And if we are to become great in our own unique way, using our gifts to better the people, instead of existing as another cog in the machine of this world – we must decide to listen to nobody and nothing except our own inner voice, and our own gut instinct.

We must take the road less travelled, if we wish to find out who we are.

We must walk alone, up our mountain path.

There is no other way.

And there is no greater feeling, either.

My experiences so far have taught me that to accomplish anything great and notable in our lives, we can count on one man to make that happen.

That man is the man who you see in the mirror each day.

When all is said and done, he is all you have.

And he is the only son of a bitch who is gonna have your back no matter what.

So you must bet on him, with everything you’ve fucking got.

Reflecting upon everything I have learnt from studying this world has made it clear to me, that great things in this world are not done by groups of people, they are done by individuals who are crazy enough to believe that what they see in their mind can become their reality.

That’s how great things are created in this world – they’re born, first, in the minds of men, then transformed from an idea into a thing, through the work of their brave hands.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.”

The road less travelled is the road less travelled for a good reason.

And that reason is very simple:

It takes balls of steel to say fuck you to what is expected of you, and to then walk into the darkness with nothing but a vision that you’re determined to manifest into your reality.

That takes courage and most people won’t do it.

It takes an above average man with an above average level of self-belief, to will into existence that which he holds in his mind.

Normal people can’t do it, normal people won’t do it.

Comfort is more important to them, than becoming what they have the potential to be.

That is why it is the road less travelled.

And that is why it will always be the road less travelled.

Only a few, only the brave, only those with fire in their souls will be able to make it through to the other side – victorious, and great.

Everyone else will just quit, give in and become content with what is expected of them – merely existing, instead of actually living.

And that’s all they fucking deserve, because if you are not willing to die for what you say you want, then guess what?

You’re not going to get it and you do not deserve it.

Listen, friendo:

Wanting, is not enough.

Desiring, is not enough.

Envisioning, is not enough.

You must bleed for it, and you must endure pain for it.

You must want it more than anything else in the whole world.

You must be willing to lose everything for it. 

You must go all the way no matter the cost, and no matter the odds.

The vision you have must consume your mind, it must visit you in your dreams and it must make your eyes glow bright with the same wild madness that we bestow upon all men of genius.

You must be absolutely obsessed, because nothing less than absolute obsession will get you through to the other side.

Only then, when your vision has consumed you.

Only then, when you have aligned yourself with the universe.

Then, and only then – will you be given a chance to make it happen.

I chose the road less travelled because I had no choice.

When I was a little boy, I already knew in my heart that I was here for something more important than myself.

I knew I had something to do.

I knew I had a destiny.

I stood in line at school with all the other kids, listening to all the bullshit that our schoolteachers talked about.

They called it success.

I called it voluntary slavery.

And I just knew in my gut that the life they were grooming me for was no life at all.

It was instead a script written for me by the government, with the following goals as the highest and only priorities:

Good jobs, good degrees, nice houses, debt, credit cards, financed cars, superannuation, comfort, and security.

I had other plans though, much better plans.

I had my own script.

The script that I’m currently living.

And even back then, as a youngster – there was fire in my soul, fury in my eyes.

A fire and fury that has only grown more powerful as the years have passed.

I’ve seen firsthand what it is like to live a normal life.

And it’s about as good looking as the ass end of a long dead wombat.

Normal people have no time for anything, and their entire life is built around earning just enough money to pay the bills and continue living.

They think it’s normal to never be at home, they think it’s normal to put the kids in a day-care centre with total strangers, and they think it’s normal to work for a pay cheque that barely covers their living expenses.

I guess it is normal to them, but it ain’t normal to me.

To me, that is the life of a fucking slave.

Here is normal to me:

Being free, creating your own work, making your own money, and being able to do what you want, when you want to do it.

You know, all the things that normal people say you can’t have?

That’s why I ignore them, and am deaf to their words – I just don’t want what they have.

I want what I want: Ultimate Freedom.

Tell em that though, and they’ll laugh like the fucking fools they are – then they will tell you how risky, how dangerous, how unsafe, how impossible, how hard, and how silly, it sounds.

I got sick of hearing all those things, I got sick of all the doubt and criticism.

So I resolved to remain silent.

I became a wolf in sheep’s clothing, an outsider on the inside – but only for a little while, only until I earn my ticket to freedom: then I’m off to the mountains for a permanent fishing trip.

Oh, you want me to throw down my guns and go live a normal life like all the other normal people?

You want me to give up on my vision, to go work a job, pay my taxes and be like everybody else?

Get fucked.

I’m on a mission of no mercy.

I was not sent here to work some slob job, five days a week, saving for my retirement, and then enjoying the small amount of time leftover before I die.

A relative of mine did exactly that – and a good, honest man he was.

But less than a year into his retirement he got cancer and died.

So no thanks, I’ll be sticking with my plan because it’s much better.

I would rather die than be content with the life that most people choose to live.

And I will never, be content with that life.

I will accomplish my mission or I will die broke in the process.

People today wish for purpose and people today wish for direction.

They walk around like lost souls searching for answers, but they are blind to what is right in front of them.

I see everyone with their heads in their fucking smartphones, scrolling through Facebook, through Instagram, through Snapchat, through YouTube, and addicted to bullshit that only distracts them from what’s really going on inside themselves.

I see guys chasing pussy, thinking that banging a lot of girls will fill the void within them, and make them feel better about themselves.

Well, hate to break it to you fellas, but sex with gorgeous women will not fix your problems, or make you any better.

You can sleep with all the women you desire, one after another, and at the end of it all, you’ll be faced with exactly the same shit as before – only there will be one less escape for you to indulge in.

Let me tell you something from experience:

Like most materialistic pursuits, sex with multiple women reaches a point of diminishing returns, where it no longer has any positive effect, and it becomes an empty pursuit of pleasure.

Go abuse it and find out for yourself – the outcome will be along the lines of emotional exhaustion and depression.

Connection is what really matters, connection with one lady.

Something that you should know about life, is that reality always sinks in at some point – you can’t outrun the truth, no matter how fast you are.

Debts must be paid, the consequences of your choices must be faced, responsibilities must be taken care of, all while the important questions in life, of purpose and meaning, remain unanswered.

And those questions, whose answers lead to a better life, remain unanswered because those answers must be earn’t.

They don’t fall in your lap while your lounging about, living like there is no tomorrow.

So if you are not happy with your life, if you feel like you are lost, and if you do not know who you are, here is my advice:

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Give up everything and keep only what is needed to survive, so that you can allow yourself to truly see and feel for the first time in your fucking life.

Remove the distractions, and learn how to really think.

It’s impossible to figure out who you are and what you want, when you are buried beneath a mountain of bullshit that does nothing but weigh down your soul and support the fake image you have created to give yourself an identity in this world.

You must destroy those illusions that you have created, you must burn your ideals to the ground, and you must allow yourself to become desperately lost – only then can you begin to see.

People always ask me how I can live with practically no possessions, and how I can eat the same simple foods every single day.

They can’t fathom living without a television, without internet and without any form of entertainment.

My answer is always the same:

I don’t need any of it.”

And that is the truth.

I don’t need any of it, nor do I want any of it.

All I want is an empty mind, so that I can hear my own inner voice as it guides me through my life.

All I want is silence, so that I can concentrate on manifesting my vision.

And if I do want entertainment – I wander the streets of wherever I am living, I go into nature to study her ways, or I immerse my mind into ancient books written by great thinkers.

Now, the reason I desire such simplicity, is very simple:

It is only through a life of silence, meditation, and simplicity, that you will attain true insight into who you are, what you are, what you want, and how the universe works.

Those things can never be realised fully when your mind is constantly stimulated, and distracted by bullshit.

As Manly P. Hall said:

The truth is that the type of civilisation under which we live is not conducive to true greatness. The materialist cannot be great. Small attitudes cannot produce broad minds, and the adoration of wealth and power is so evidently false that nothing very fine can be expected to rise therefrom.

In simple terms, you will not find the answers that you seek and you will not do anything great, while your mind is caught up in bullshit that does not matter.

You must empty, and you must free your mind, to see what you currently cannot see.

Which is exactly what I did.

Solitude called to me from deep within my being, so I went into her – away from all the noise and all the distractions of the modern world.

It was the best thing I ever did.

Only then was I able to listen to my feelings and hear my inner voice.

Only then was I finally able to sit down at my desk in silence, and say to myself:

Here is exactly what I want and here is exactly how I am going to accomplish it – I don’t care how long it takes, I don’t care how much money it costs, I don’t care what I have to give up, and I don’t care how much I have to lose to get it.

The mass of men will never be able do that, and that is why they will become resources for the brave, bold men, who are able to do it.


You either create your own reality in this world, and become determined to accomplish your vision regardless of the cost.


You get used as a resource in the creation of another man’s vision – which is exactly what happens when you listen to everyone else, instead of listening to your gut instinct.

So, as the sweat dripped off me in the silent gym, my heart thumped with joy.

I was finally alone with my vision.

And in that silence, looking down at my feet as they paced over the old treadmill – I knew that I had my own back no matter what happened.

That’s all you really have, at the end of the day.

If you want to do anything unique in life – it’s just going to be you.

You will be the one laying awake at night, unable to sleep.

You will be the one dealing with the self-doubt, the rejection, the despair, the uncertainty, the loneliness and the struggle that is required to succeed.

You’ll be the one failing, you’ll be the one pulling yourself back up, and you’ll be the one making yourself try again.

You will be it.

Everyone else will just stand on the fucking sidelines, talking shit and watching you get after it.

A few of them will cheer, and most of them will be hoping that you fail.

But they don’t matter at all, and if you’re actually serious about winning, they won’t even exist in your mind – you won’t hear them and you won’t see them.

You’ll just see the light at the end of the tunnel, the vision, the goal – the thing that you are willing to die for.

So to all of you, who have found the balls to go after something that nobody except you, believes in.

I take my hat off to you, and I wish you all the best in the mental battles to come, for success is created in the mind, long before you touch it with your hands.

Maybe, one day, we will meet, and we will dine together with the gods – for we, and only we, will know the sweet taste of impossible victory.

Your man,
Maverick Brenton.

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