Strangers in White Coats, Pills in Pretty Bottles & The Truth About The Experts.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Your Health.

I’ll be honest with you – I didn’t plan on writing this piece of work at this time of the night, on this particular day.

Midnight isn’t far away now, the world is sleeping outside my window, and my body is very tired from working in the sunshine all day.

But for the last week, this piece of work has been simmering away inside my mind.

It has been growing, by itself.

It has been preparing itself for it’s manifestation into this world.

Over the past few days I’ve felt it coming.

I have felt it, within my soul – this message, the good word, this truth that I must speak to you.

I was trying to sleep but I could not sleep – because I knew what had to be done.

The work is now ready for creation.

And here she is.

It wasn’t anymore than a week ago that I pulled up outside the local shopping centre to buy some chicken, before heading out into the woods, to write and think and just be in nature.

I pulled up as usual in my old truck, grabbed my wallet, and grabbed my keys – then I looked up and I noticed the shop that I had parked directly in front of.

With curious eyes, I looked at the sign on the outside of the shop, which is pictured at the start of this article.

Then I started thinking quietly to myself.

I started thinking quietly to myself about these strangers in white lab coats.

And as I sat quietly, invisible behind the dark tint of my windows, I watched a variety of sick looking people walk in and out of the store.

My eyes scanned the writing on the sign:

“Need Expert Advice?”


Then my eyes glanced at the pale and weak looking guy on the sign, next to the old woman.

After a moment I leaned back in my seat and I started thinking.

I started thinking about how we’re told to listen to these strangers in white lab coats.

I started thinking about how we’re told that they know what is best for us.

I started thinking about how we all buy the medicine they tell us to buy.

And I started thinking about the biggest bullshit story in the world.

Now before I go telling you about this big bullshit story and before I have you cancel your plans to visit a doctor ever again, I wanna tell you a different story.

Just a little one.

A little one from my own life that I have mentioned in another article.


So, when I was a young boy no more than fourteen, I was having trouble sleeping.

Just couldn’t get my sleep man.

Couldn’t get that good natural rest that we all need.

I stayed up all night long playing video games though, texting my girlfriend though, drinking coffee though, and watching television though.

I also consumed enough red bull each day to knock out a 300lb red headed freckle faced feminist called Lindsey.

And for months I just couldn’t sleep.

I would lay awake at night, restless and anxious, not tired one little bit.

So I decided to go to a doctor to get me some of that good expert advice.

Well, within a week, I was sitting across from an expert in a white lab coat.

And he looked like a bowl of Estrogen with three tablespoons of icing sugar on top.

“Surely he will be able to fix my sleeping problems! I mean, he looks like squashed dogshit, but he’s a doctor! He’s an expert!”

Those are the thoughts that were flowing through my young mind because those are the things that I had been told by others.

They told me:

When somethings wrong with you, or you ain’t feeling so good – you gotta go see the doctor, because he will take care of you and he’ll give you some medicine.

So that’s what I did.

And when he prescribed me a bottle of heavy duty sleeping pills I was sure I’d found my solution.

“I can just take a pill and that’ll fix it?” I asked.

“Yes – they’ll make you better, and they’ll help you sleep.” He replied.

Now he didn’t ask me anything about my lifestyle, my diet, my habits, or my way of living.

And I didn’t question him, because he was the expert.

So this expert wrote me a script for some pills that came in a real pretty bottle.

Pills which I purchased that very same day because I just wanted some sleep.

Well, let me tell you friendo – I popped the first one that evening and five minutes later I woke up the next day with no clue about what had just happened.

One moment I was sitting on the edge of my bed texting my girlfriend as usual, and the next I was opening my eyes to a new day, with a fog over my mind and a sickness in my stomach.

It was a rather unnatural feeling, that’s all I can say.

But the following evening I did the same thing.

And the evening after that – I did the same thing again.

Then all of a sudden, I was hooked on these pills in a pretty bottle.

I was popping them like motherfucking skittles, man, I was sleeping like a motherfucking grizzly, man, and I was getting motherfucking sick, man.

So I flushed them down the toilet and I decided to never listen to a doctor, ever again.


You see, these sleeping pills didn’t help me sleep.

That is not what they did.

And that is not what they do.

They knocked me out – that’s what they did and that’s what they do.

Now tell me something friendo:

Do you see anything wrong with a stranger in a white lab coat labelled as an expert, prescribing a fourteen-year-old boy heavy duty sleeping pills because he is having trouble sleeping?

If you think like most people, then you won’t see anything wrong.

You’ll just look at it and accept it as normal.

You’ll just brush it off, smile like a fucking idiot and say to yourself:

“Ah, that’s just how it is, man.”

And that’s most people.

But it ain’t me boys – because I see something that isn’t right.

I see something else.

Something that most people seem to not see.

I see something that you probably don’t see either.

You see, I see, what I was born with the gift of seeing.

What’s that, you ask?

Let me tell you – but before I do please take a seat because I’m about to knock the wind outta your ass.

So, when I sat in my truck and I looked at these strangers in white coats, working at this place called Chem-mart, I saw exactly what was in front of me.

I saw strangers wearing white coats selling artificial drugs to people in a store called Chem-mart.

That’s what I saw.

And that’s what I see.

I see people who don’t give a fuck about your health selling you a product created by other people who also don’t give a fuck about your health.

A product created for the purpose of producing a profit for the people who created it.

That is exactly what I see because that’s exactly what it is.

This may come as a shock if you’re stupid but doctors don’t care about your health and they do not become doctors to help you.

They become doctors because they want the money and the social status – they do not become doctors to help you.

But you sit before them like a helpless child and you let them tell you how to live your life in order to be healthy and well.

Can you see anything wrong with doing the above or are you just smiling like an idiot?

Listen to me for five seconds:

If you decide to take advice from a complete stranger on how you should live your life in order to be healthy, and if you decide to take drugs prescribed to you by this complete stranger – then you deserve to get sick.

Ain’t nothing else to it.

You deserve to suffer the consequences, because you’re an idiot.

Why are you an idiot?

You are letting somebody who wears a white lab coat tell you how you should live your life in order to be healthy.

You let them give you drugs to fix your health.

You let them treat you like a helpless child.

YOU let them do this instead of taking responsibility for your own health and using COMMON SENSE to see what you could do to make yourself well again.

Common sense is the key to health and vitality because common sense will reveal to you the obvious things that you can do to be healthy and well.

And what does common sense say?

It says eat natural foods, exercise daily and move your body.

Get out into nature as much as possible – to soak up plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

Stay out of debt so you remain free to live your life.

And get plenty of sleep each night because sleep is the only real medicine there is.

Pictured: Me emerging from my cave in the woods to get my daily dose of sunshine and fresh air.

If you just live naturally, be happy and stop putting poison in your body, you will suddenly find yourself feeling absolutely incredible.

There’s really nothing else to it because health is very simple: live how nature intended for you to live and ignore everything that the experts tell you to do.

People of the modern world eat an unnatural diet, they live an unnatural lifestyle, they become sick as a result, and then they go to a doctor who prescribes them drugs to take away their sickness.

Frustration is what I feel when I speak about this.

And that is because it is so frustrating to see people blindly following the advice of experts, without using their own minds to think, and without listening to their own bodies to feel what their bodies are telling them.

I see people going to the doctor for depression pills, anxiety pills, cholesterol pills, sleeping pills, headache pills, pain pills, dick dysfunction pills, and stress pills.

I see people taking these pills and not getting any better – but instead, getting worse.

There is now a pill for damn near everything because these pills are a business.

And they are a business that is very lucrative.

Here’s something to think about:

In this world you have companies that are making money by selling you products that make you sick: products such as artificial foods, alcohol, cigarettes, credit cards and fancy toys that you can’t afford.

Then you have another group of individuals that are making money off selling you pills to fix the problems that are created from the above products: problems such as sickness, stress and generally poor health.

You’re basically the host and they are the parasite.

Like a dirty little leach they feed off you, while you stand there and watch them do it with a big idiotic smile on your face – saying to yourself:

“Oh, that’s just the way it is, man.”

Do you understand what I am saying or is your mind so dull from drug abuse that you cannot comprehend such an obvious truth?

These strangers in their white lab coats will prescribe you a pill for whatever illness you tell them that you have and they’ll do that because it’s their job to do that.

They will not tell you to do the obvious, and fix what is obviously wrong – they will simply advise you to take drugs in order to fix your problems.

I will never listen to the experts when it comes to my health because I know my body.

And I know my body because it is my body.

I will never outsource my health to a stranger wearing a white lab coat because I am not foolish like the fools who do this.

I am completely responsible for my health.

I am 100 percent responsible for it.

That’s why I am healthy.

I live how nature intended for me to live by eating a natural diet and living a natural life.

My body tells me to eat a lot of fatty meats, it tells me to lift weights daily, it tells me to get plenty of sleep, it tells me to avoid intoxicants, it tells me to breathe deep and relax – it tells me everything that I must do in order to be well.

My body tells me what to do and I listen to it without question.

If it tells me not to eat something because it makes me feel bad, I do not eat it.

If it tells me to eat something because it knows that it is good for me, I eat it.

As a result of listening to my body and taking it’s advice – I am exactly how nature intended me to be: strong, lean, healthy and happy, with a clear mind and a dick that works like a charm.

Just like you can be too, if you simply take care of yourself and ignore what you’re supposed to do in order to be healthy.

You with me?

I hope you are.

Don’t listen to the media. Don’t listen to doctors. Don’t listen to anyone.

Listen to your own body.

Listen to your own instincts.

Do what you know is right for your body.

Live how you know you must live in order to be well.

If you just do that – you’ll find health and wellness in abundance, unlike nothing you have ever experienced before.

And you’ll feel like you’re supposed to feel.


You can listen to the white coat experts and take the pills in pretty bottles – then you can lay awake at night, wondering why you feel as though you are taking artificial drugs.

The choice is yours.

I made mine when I was fourteen.

Your man,
Maverick Brenton.


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