How To Build Big Shoulders As A Natural Lifter.

From The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: How To Develop Muscular Shoulders.

Nothing speaks power and strength like well developed shoulder muscles.

What’s more – the girls love a guy with big and strong shoulders.

Big shoulders wet panties and there ain’t no doubt about that son.

I know this because it’s always my shoulders that they grab onto when I am making their toes curl from pleasure.

In addition to that I’ve made a habit of asking every lovely young lady who I’ve ever been with, what body part they like most on me, besides my cock.

Some say the back and some say the legs – but most say the shoulders.

Don’t believe me?

Go ask little Mary Jane if boys with big shoulders make her panties wet.

Run along and I’ll wait right here for you.

Now training my shoulders hard has always been a priority and as a result of doing this, they have always been very strong – often overpowering my chest and allowing me to press some very heavy weights over my head.

For years I have done this.

For years I have hammered the basics.

For years I have done nothing but free weights to build my shoulders.

As a result I have developed very broad and very muscular shoulders that stretch every shirt I wear.

Strong shoulders are essential for looking like a fucking boss and they are essential if you want to bench some serious weight.


If you want that big bench you’re gonna need strong ass shoulders and there ain’t no way around that.

Go take a look at anyone who benches over 3 plates and see if they have weak looking shoulders.

They won’t.

The best bench pressers always have great shoulders.

So if you want to look like you are jacked and if you want to build a nasty big bench then building a big set of shoulders must become a priority.

They’ll fill out your physique and give you a powerful appearance, especially if you develop your rear delts.

Highly developed rear delts combined with big front delts make a man look damn impressive.


The Best Exercises To Build Big Shoulders.

Below are a list of the exercises that I have used over the years to build my shoulders into boulders.

Personally I have never used machines to train shoulders on a regular basis.

I’ve only ever used free weights and a few simple exercises that get the job done.

As a natural and especially as a beginner I recommend you stick with the free weights until you have built up some strength.

Moving bitch weights on some silly machine that stabilises the weight for you is not going to make your shoulders strong.

Working hard at the basics, building strength in the basics and focusing on the basics is the magical secret to make your shoulders strong as fuck.

And that’s why I’ve got five basic exercises for you that I use every time I train my shoulders.

They’re nothing special and nothing fancy because the special and fancy shit don’t work.

Now let me assure you:

If you get strong in these basic exercises, you’ll have some big shoulders and you’ll be wetting little Mary Jane’s panties in no time.

1) The Standing Barbell Overhead Press.

The Standing Barbell Overhead Press is the bread and butter of building big shoulders.

For years and years and years this has been my fundamental exercise for training the shoulders.

Believe it or not – most people suck ass at it.

They may be able to bench a lot but when it comes to pressing a heavy weight directly above their head, they ain’t so strong at all.

Why is that?


This exercise is very fucking hard to get very fucking strong in.

Once you build a little bit of strength and are no longer a newbie – adding a few kilo’s can often take weeks if not months and so most people are turned away by the slow grind required to build a good overhead press.

Despite the difficulty and slow progress you’ll likely experience, it builds the shoulders from every angle and gives you some serious upper body power.

To perform the exercise, you press a barbell over your head.

That’s it.

You can do it strict or you can use leg drive to help move the weight.

Make sure to keep your glutes and abs engaged as your press, to keep your back safe.

Add bands to make it even more effective and break through sticking points.


Do not arch your back in an attempt to help perform the movement because you will fuck yourself up sooner or later.

I went too heavy and leaned back too much – resulting in two stress fractures in my thoracic vertebrae.

It took years to heal.

For almost two years all I could do was pull-ups and dips.

So don’t do that.

2) The Seated Barbell Overhead Press.

Same deal as the standing overhead press, except your sitting down on a bench and using the back support of the bench for additional stability.

You’ll be able to move a lot more weight in these compared to the standard overhead press, allowing you to overload the shoulders even more.

Add bands or chains and you have a very powerful exercise for building the shoulders.

When preparing the bench to sit against, keep it on a slight incline like Mr Larry Wheels pictured above, as this makes for a much stronger position to press from.

3) The Standing Log Press.

Identical to the standing barbell overhead press, except you’re using what is known as the log, instead of the barbell.

The log is an implement used by strongmen competitors for strongmen competitions, and the log will build your shoulders into stones of motherfucking steel.

Unlike the barbell, the log requires a hammer grip and the range of motion is shorter as the log is very bulky – which makes it harder to press.

Take a look at anybody who competes in strongman and you will notice something common among all of them: they have huge shoulders.

That’s because strongman competitors don’t compete in the bench press – everything is done overhead, and so these guys spend a lot of time pressing heavy shit overhead.

The log is a staple among their training.

It’s a staple in my training.

Make it a staple in yours.

(if you have the balls)

4) Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Seated or Standing.

Just like the barbell and log overhead press, except you are using dumbbells.

These are obviously much harder because you’re using dumbbells and they are great for building strength and stability in the shoulders.

If you choose to do them standing I suggest you build the weight up slowly and be very careful because I have dislocated my shoulder doing these from a standing position.

I was repping the 35kg Dumbbells when my left shoulder buckled, then pop – she was out for the eighth time and I was yelling all kinds of nasty words as I put it back in.

So be careful.

Now if you choose to do them standing you will also have to master cleaning them up off the floor to your shoulders, which can be rather challenging.

Do them from a seated position and you will be able to move much more weight as sitting against the bench creates more stability.

Very few people are strong in the standing dumbbell overhead press because it is even harder than the barbell overhead press.

As a natural lifter if you can work up to doing reps with 30kg dumbbells from a standing position – you’re doing very well.

High rep seated dumbbell shoulder presses are an awesome way to build strength and endurance in the shoulders.

They’re also a favourite of World Strongest Man Eddie Hall, pictured above.

5) Bradford Press.

My all time favourite for getting a killer pump in the shoulders.

To perform this exercise you simply alternate pressing in front of your head with pressing behind your head.

Begin with the bar in the normal position above your chest, then press the bar to lockout, lower it behind your head and press it back up to lockout before finally returning to your chest.

Google it if you need to.

Do them in a very slow and controlled manner using a light weight and focus on getting a good pump.

This is not something to go heavy with but you can if you want to.

I recommend sets of 15-20 reps with little rest in order to achieve the greatest pump possible.


Sample Shoulder Training Session.

Standing Overhead Barbell Press – Pyramid up to 3-5 rep max, then perform drop sets to failure until the bar is empty.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Pyramid up to one top set of 20 reps with a challenging weight, then work down the rack doing drop sets to failure until you reach the lowest weight.

Seated Lateral Raises – Perform 5 sets of 15 reps, slow and controlled, pausing at the top and lowering the weight as slowly as you can.

Reverse Dumbbell Flye – Perform 5 sets of 15 reps, slow and controlled, pausing at the top and lowering the weight very slowly.

Rotator Cuff Raises – Pick an exercise for the rotator cuff and do it for a few sets at the end.


And that’s all there is to it.

I suggest training your rear delts every single time you do a pressing workout as this will ensure your shoulders stay balanced and healthy.

Feel free to use elbow sleeves and wrist wraps to help with your pressing – in fact I recommend you do this as it will decrease the risk of injury and improve joint stability.

The above program may look very simple and that’s because it is very simple.

Ten years doing this shit has taught me that the fancier you make your training the less effective it will be.

All that matters if you want to get big and strong without using drugs is moving more weight in the basics – then eating enough to recover and grow.

Everything else is fluff that does not matter and it’s only there for fun after you have busted your ass at the stuff that does matter.

Do not neglect training your shoulders and improving your overhead pressing strength if it is a weakness because you will likely injure yourself further down the line, if you have weak shoulders.

Suck it up and work hard to get strong in the overhead pressing movements I have given you.

It will not only improve your physique but it will increase your pressing strength in just about everything.

Your Man,
Maverick Brenton.


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