Lifting Advice For My Younger Self: Four Tips For Size, Strength & Power.

From: My Kitchen Table.
Subject: Advice For My Younger Self On Getting Jacked.

Young man – this is your future self writing to you and I’ve got some advice that will save you a lot of wasted time in the gym if you listen.

I have the experience you don’t have and I have learnt many lessons in the gym, the hard way.

You don’t have to take the hard road like I did.

All you gotta do is listen and learn.

So shut your big mouth, take a seat and grab something to take notes with.


I see you in the gym every day.

I see you, changing programs every week.

And I see you, overthinking every detail about your training.

Now I haven’t said anything yet, but you’re starting to give me the shits because you are wasting your potential, sabotaging yourself, lifting far less than you are capable of lifting.

All because you’re looking for a shortcut, a quicker route to the top.

So I’ve decided I can’t bite my tongue anymore.

I have decided that your scrawny ass needs a good boot in the right direction before you waste any more time.

You gonna listen, or you gonna pretend you know it all?

Alright, good to hear.

Take a seat and let’s get started.

Four timeless tips – that’s what I have got for you today.

If you listen and apply these four timeless tips, in one years time you might just find yourself lifting twice as much as you are right now.

If you don’t listen, then you’ll stay as you are until you decide to listen.

Got it?

Let’s get started.


Tip Number One: Simplicity Is king.

When it comes to training and nutrition, simplicity is king.

Ever heard of the KISS PrincipleKeep It Simple, Stupid.

Simplicity is the real secret.

Stop wasting time changing your routine and diet.

All of that bullshit is getting you nowhere and in your mad search for the best way of doing everything – you are missing the obvious path to getting jacked.

What’s the obvious path to getting jacked?

Everybody who ever got jacked did it the same damn way: they mastered and got very strong at the basics, while eating enough calories to fuel muscle growth.

They did not change their program every week.

They did not decide to bulk in January and shred in February.

Instead they decided to keep both their training and eating very simple – allowing them to focus on getting stronger and eating more.

That’s why they got jacked.

Coming from your future self, ten years in the future, here is my advice:

When it comes to training – work your ass off at the basics before everything else.

Once you have worked hard as fuck at the basics, throw in whatever you want for fun.

When it comes to nutrition – stop trying to stay shredded and start eating for performance.

If you do what I just said, you will be a fucking freak in a few years.

I promise.


Tip Number Two: Consistency Is Queen.

Turning up and busting your ass for a week, then slacking off because you don’t feel good the next week, is going to get you nowhere in the gym and in life.

When it comes to getting jacked – take it step by step, inch by inch, and day by day.

Stop trying to achieve all of your goals overnight because you are not going to.

Do you understand?

Building a great body and brute strength is something that takes years of work.

It does not happen in five minutes.

So instead of getting bummed out and feeling depressed because you have a bad workout, miss a lift, or feel weak one day – develop the mindset of a sculptor.

Every day, in the gym and in the kitchen, you are chipping away at the final product.

You build a little, each day.

You get a little better, each day.

It does not matter if you have a bad day, a bad week, or a bad month.

What matters is showing up, taking the good with the bad and trying your best.

Got it?

Being consistent beats absolutely everything.

The consistent natural lifter who shows up day after day, week after week, and works – despite his mood or his motivation, is the guy who will have a great physique and impressive strength one day.

The inconsistent steroid user who shows up when he wants to, will look exactly the fucking same forever.


Tip Number Three: Fuck Your Six Pack.

Now listen carefully you little faggot.

If you expect to get jacked while keeping your silly little six pack that the girls from school think is hot, then you can expect to stay a scrawny shit for the rest of your life.

You need to stop being scared of putting on weight.

You need to eat – more than you currently are and more than you think you can manage.

Nobody got big naturally without putting on some body fat and there is nothing wrong with carrying some extra body fat.

Later in life when you grow older, you will stop caring about how you look and you will realise that performance is what really matters.

In time, you will come to understand that valuing looking good, over being a strong motherfucker, is for women and girly men.

Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news buddy, but a few years from now you are going to get your face smashed in by a guy twice your size and this is going to make you realise that your six pack is about as useful as a knitted condom.

Then you will start caring about being strong, being big – and being able to do some damage when you need to.

So pack on the size.

Eat like a machine.

Give your body the fuel it needs to grow, recover and build the strength you dream about.


Tip Number Four: Take Recovery Seriously.

Working hard in the gym is crucial.

Working hard at recovering from the gym, is even more crucial.

Right now you think recovery is a joke and that it does not apply to you – which is one of the reasons why you’re getting nowhere.

So I must tell you:

If you take your recovery time outside the gym as seriously as you take your time in the gym, you will be amazed at how much your improve.

You will get stronger, you will get bigger and you will feel better in general.

All you gotta do is sleep well, eat a tonne of food, foam roll, get massages and take care of your body.

Taking care of your body is very important and it will save you a lot of pain down the line.

Look – if you’re not feeling a lift and your body is telling you to stop, then listen to it.

Always, always, always listen to your body above everything else.

It will change on a daily basis and sometimes it will not be ready to lift extreme weights.

So just listen.

Do what it tells you to do.

And make sure you give yourself plenty of time to recover between those hard workouts.


Your Man,
Maverick Brenton.

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