The Seven Deadly Sins of Time: Part One.

From: The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: The Seven Sins That Will Steal Your Time.


Lately I have been doing some very deep thinking about my life.

Insights, revelations and a much deeper understanding of myself has been the result of my intense thought.

It feels as though something is awakening within me, something that has been dormant until now.

That something is making my blood boil with fire and it is inspiring within me, a newfound sense of urgency that I cannot explain.

I feel hungry for life, for adventure, for opportunity, for expansion.

Now of the many realisations that this sense of urgency and curiosity has revealed to me – one of them stands out above the rest.

Linked very strongly to the urgency that I am beginning to feel, this particular realisation is about time.

It’s about the real value of time, to be more specific.

Now I have discussed the subject of time previously, in another article, but I do not feel as though I addressed the subject deeply enough – for it is of great importance that you understand time.


Well – time is your most precious possession; your most valuable resource, and it is what your life consists of.

Every day, time is running out.

We get older each time the sun sets – we die a little each time we lay down to rest – and we move closer to death, with each hour that passes by.

So it is the value of our time and energy that I am beginning to truly understand, more deeply than I have ever understood it, before.

Now here is what you need to know:

The modern world that you and I exist within is designed to steal your time and your energy – diverting these resources through various channels and into the pockets of people smarter than you, in the form of money.


If you live like a normal person, your time and your energy is used to make the lives of smarter people, better.

This isn’t the only way your time and energy is stolen from you – there are many other very subtle and deadly ways that your most precious resources are siphoned out of you.

In the following article I am going to teach you about a few of them.

You are going to learn about what I call The Seven Deadly Sins of Time.

Due to the importance of this article, it will be quite long and published in two parts – Part One and Part Two.

So pour yourself a cup of coffee, get comfortable, find somewhere quiet, and open your mind.

Let us begin.


Number I: The Pursuit of Women Who Are Not Interested In You.

If there is one thing that I have learnt from pursuing, dating and sleeping with numerous women over the course of my life, it may be expressed in the following statement:

Most women are a wonderful source of joy and life wouldn’t be worth living without them, but many of them are also experts at wasting your time and energy for their own amusement.                  

Without the knowledge of how to deal with them effectively, a lot of women will fuck you around and pretend to be interested because they enjoy the attention they get from a man pursuing them.

If you’re lacking in self-respect and experience, they will literally let you run around at their feet, making you think that you’re gonna get some pussy, then they will disappear on you in a puff of pink mist.

Do not play this game because it is a tremendous waste of time.

As a driven and high value man who values his time, you must simply refuse to have your time wasted by them because if you do not refuse to have your time wasted by them, they will waste your time.

If a girl wants to play games and use you for amusement, respectfully move on – because the sooner you move on, the sooner you will find a women who has real interest in you, supposing you are a man who is worth being interested in.

Now due to the effect that women have on us, as men, it is very easy to lose yourself in their games and become wrapped up in the pursuit of sex with them, because your animal instincts will simply overpower you.

In other words, when you chase women, your dick will be thinking for you and your dick does not understand the value of your time, it only understands fucking women.

As a result of your dick thinking for you, you will be unable to think clearly, you will be unable to focus, and you will forget about time.

When you forget about time, you will waste it without a second thought.

This is the great danger of pursuing women who are not interested in you.

You become swept up in your emotions and you fail to realise how much time you are wasting in the pursuit of something that has no truly valuable outcome.

From waiting for text messages, to waiting for a returned call, to trying to organise dates – if you added up the amount of time you spent on trying to get your dick wet for 30 minutes, you would stop chasing them immediately and you would find a better way to get pussy.

“But is there a better way?”

Well of course there is my friend.

Become the type of man that women chase, and you will never have to chase a woman again.

If you develop in yourself what women want, they will come to you initiating conversation, looking for attention and giving you the opportunity to ask them on a date.

Now a man with a mission, who is trying to accomplish something – does not have time to continually bother a woman with text messages, asking when she wants to hang out or get coffee.

Do this and you are literally saying to her:

Because I am a loser, I have nothing better to do except text you hoping that you will give me a chance to take you out on a date.”

So put your mission first and always be moving forward.

If you don’t have a mission – make your mission to get a fucking mission.


Number II: Smartphone and Social Media Addiction.

Next time you are in a coffee shop, a shopping centre or anywhere with a lot of people – take a mental note of the one thing that everybody seems to be doing.

Staring at their smartphone.

Look closely and you will see their thumb flicking up rapidly, taking them through an endless supply of worthless information provided by social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

These people will be completely oblivious to everything that is happening around them and they will be totally immersed in their smartphone.

Unless somebody screams fuck at the top of their lungs, or they trip ass over head – these people will be clueless to the world around them.

Now there is one very simple reason why Smartphone and Social Media Addiction are the second Deadly Sin of Time.

It is the same reason Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire.

And that reason is known as Dopamine – the ­feel good ­hormone.

Every time you get a like on social media, a message from a friend, or a notification of any sort – your brain releases Dopamine, causing a cascade of sensory responses in your body and making you feel a temporary rush.

As soon as you feel that phone vibrate, Dopamine is released – and so you hurry to find out who messaged you, who liked your photo, or what the cause of the vibration is.

Sure enough, before you know it, you are checking your phone constantly and it never leaves your side.

You press the home screen button every two minutes to see if there is anything new.

Your thought process is interrupted constantly by the need to check your phone.

This is how Smartphones and Social Media create an addiction.

This is how they steal your time.

Once the craving for Dopamine via your smartphone has developed in you – a total inability for deep and focused work will be the result, because your servant has become your master.

Your eyes will be glued to a fucking screen and your mind will be taking in worthless bullshit, instead of thinking productively.

Time will slip by whilst you are distracted and you will be completely unaware.

I encourage you to measure how much time is spent consuming useless information via your smartphone.

Download one of the many apps available and start paying attention to just how much of your precious time is wasted doing something that is completely fruitless.

Understand this:

To progress in life and achieve success in anything, it is essential that you develop the ability to focus deeply and master whatever work you are engaged in – and this is essential because the true secrets of your chosen craft will only reveal themselves once you have invested a great deal of time, energy and focus into your craft.

How are the secrets revealed?

The investment of time, energy and focus will create in your mind a deep understanding of your field, allowing for the hidden insights and “secrets” to be uncovered, thus providing you an edge that other people do not possess, as they are unable to see what you now see.

This process of mastery, which is simply the mind merging itself with a series of specific tasks, is made much more difficult and takes much longer when you are constantly distracted by a smart phone.

As a result of this distraction – you lose your valuable time and success is postponed, all because of a fancy toy that you carry around in your pocket.

My advice to solve this problem is as follows:

Delete all Social Media unless it serves the purpose of making you money.

Delete all apps unless they serve the purpose of assisting in the running of a business or the helping of your becoming better.

If you have no need for a smartphone, throw it away and buy something very simple.

The outcome of doing this will be a much quieter mind.

With a quiet mind comes clarity.

And through clarity comes the ability to move forward with devastating force – unhindered by worthless fucking distractions that do nothing of value.

When you achieve that, you have attained true power, because the most dangerous weapon in this world is a calm and quiet mind trained to think deeply about the reality in which it exists.


Number III: Acquiring Debt for Depreciating Assets.

Now we come to the third Deadly Sin of Time – one of the most lethal.

This sin will not only eat away at your time, but it will eat away at your freedom like a fucking parasite.

So let me tell you how it is with no punches pulled:

When you go into debt for depreciating assets like cars, televisions, holidays and other things that decrease in value immediately after they are purchased, or hold no value at all – you are selling your soul to the fucking devil.


Somebody smarter than you has worked out that they can make money off you by lending you a principle amount of money, coupled with interest on top, resulting in them creating long term gains and cash flow for their own benefit, while you become a slave who has to work in order to meet the repayments that you owe to them.

You become owned by somebody else.

Your freedom is taken from you because you consent for it to be taken.

No longer are you free to come and go as you please because you have entered into a legal binding contract that states one very simple fact:

Fuck you, pay us.

So going into debt destroys your time and your freedom because you are forced to work in order to pay off your debt.

You cannot quit your job and work a couple days a week at the local coffee shop while you build your own business – if you owe money for a car, if you have credit card debt, if you have bills up to your eye balls.


You must remain working 40+ hours each week just to survive – meaning you no longer own your time and you are now a slave like everyone else.

This is a very nasty trap that you do not want to find yourself in, because once you have been lured into the debt/work cycle, you become a slave and you will be crushed by the stress.

Debt will kill you.

It literally steals your life from underneath your feet and places invisible shackles around your ankles that keep you stuck indefinitely.

So unless you are borrowing money to make more money, in a company or a business deal – do not borrow money.

When you borrow money as an individual and not as a company, you sell your soul to the devil.

For example many people take out a personal loan to buy a new car.

This is fucking dumb.

What you are essentially doing is signing slavery papers that state the following:


“I __________ agree to meet the repayments, plus interest, on the money you have let me borrow from you, so that I can drive around in my brand new piece of shit car. I know I will pay almost twice the amount I would have paid, if I paid cash, but that’s fine because I’m broke as fuck and can’t afford to pay cash for a used bag of apples. I understand that if I lose my full-time job, rendering me unable to meet the repayments – you will escalate matters to a debt collection agency, and my personal assets will be up for grabs. I also understand that once I sign below, I have entered into a legal binding contract and will have to continue working to meet the repayments, until the total amount owed has been met.

Read that again if you need to.

That is what you are agreeing to when you borrow money as an individual for silly shit like cars and material possessions.

You become a resource that is milked for profit by smarter people who know better.

There are traps set absolutely fucking everywhere for people who do not understand money.

And therefore, as a young man, here is what I suggest you do:

Remain debt free, pay cash for everything, protect your time at all costs, and accumulate assets in the form of cash or businesses that produce cash – allowing you to create more freedom for yourself.

Take smart financial risks, seize little miss opportunity by the panties when her sweet ass dances past, and you will eventually become a rich man.

Then you will have Fuck You money, while everyone else is broke.

And when you have Fuck You money – you can buy whatever the fuck you want.


That’s it for Part One.

I hope you have learnt something of value here and I hope that this knowledge helps you in protecting your time.

Part Two is on the way.

In Part Two we will continue with the last four Deadly Sins of Time.

Your man,
Maverick Brenton.


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