The Seven Deadly Sins of Time: Part Two.

From: The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Seven Things That Will Steal Your Time.


Welcome to Part Two of The Seven Deadly Sins of Time.

If you have not read the first Part of this series, I suggest you go back and read it.

In Part One we covered the first three Sins of Time.

Avoiding the three things I outlined in Part One will take you a long way in freeing up time so that you can then use your newfound time to build something of value.

It’s impossible to do anything worthwhile in this world when you are scatter brained like most of the fruit loop fucks getting around these days.

And that’s really what this series is all about.

It’s about removing the biggest sources of wasted time from your life so that you are able to focus on what matters:

Building your body, building your mind and figuring yourself out.

Now if you avoid the next four things in addition to the previous three – you’ll have all the time you need to become great.

In my opinion, nothing is worse than having no time.

Control over our time is what we all desire.

We all just wanna be able to do what we wanna do, when we wanna do it.

So let’s begin by hurting some feelings.


Number IV: Working A Full Time Job.

Let’s get something straight.

Nobody wants to work all the time doing something that does not benefit them – nobody wants to do that.

Almost everyone does though, and they all tell themselves that it’s just fucking dandy.

Now they tell themselves that because they are stuck, unable to see a way out.

Why are they stuck?

They sold their soul to the devil, they are trapped in debt and they don’t have a choice anymore.

Work, pay the bills, work, pay the bills.

They’ve fallen into the deadly trap that I warned you about in Part One and now they gotta stay at their full-time job to pay the bills.

So they have no time to do anything of value.

And this is exactly what happens when you work a full time job.

Your most precious resources (time and energy) are siphoned out of you and used by somebody smarter, in order to increase their own success.

That’s exactly what happens when you work a full-time job.


You consent to have your time and energy used by somebody else to make them richer.

In return for giving them your valuable time and energy, you earn enough to survive and have a nice weekend.


That’s fine.

Not everyone can accept the truth and this world will always need slaves like you to keep it spinning on the fingers of people who can.

Pay cheques, salaries, bonuses – these things are just a bribe that keep you from chasing what you really want.

At the end of the day no pay cheque is worth what your time is worth because you cannot buy your life back once you’ve traded it for money.

It’s gone for good.

Now very few people want to come home from a long day at the office, or the construction site – to go to work on their own work.

And they don’t want to do that because they’re fucked from working all day.

So they don’t do anything except collapse from complete exhaustion.

This is an obvious outcome of spending eight to ten hours of your day being a slave for another human being.

What do you expect to feel after doing that?


Get real you fucking ferret.

Nobody wants to work a full-time job, but almost anyone will work twice the hours of a full-time job, if it is their own business.

They will do that because when you work for yourself, you keep the fruits of your labour, and when you work a job – somebody takes the fruits of your labour.

“Yank! That’s mine thanks buddy, and here is a piece of shit paycheque so you can survive until next week.”

I’ve worked many full-time jobs in my time on planet earth and it’s all the same shit

Like everyone else:

I would rush home from work, rush to the gym, rush back home, rush to cook dinner, rush to clean up, rush to relax before bed, then I would rush to sleep so I could be up early as fuck for some more rushing – all in return for a shit amount of money that did nothing but keep me comfortable.

Eventually I realised what a pathetic waste of time it was.

So I stopped doing it.

When I stopped doing it, I suddenly had in my possession an abundance of time and energy to use in the creation of my own work.

So I started doing that.

When I started doing that – life was a lot better.

Pour Conclure:

Full-time jobs will leave you too tired and too worn out to do anything worthwhile.

If you’re gonna work one you better have a damn good reason for doing it.

Unless you’re an idiot who is in debt for bullshit, or you are working full-time for a damn good reason: quit, work part-time and build a business of your own.

Then you can hire people who don’t care about their time and you can use them to make yourself richer.

It’ll be a win-win, for you that is.


Number V: A Comfortable Life.

Do you want to know why most people never do anything out of the ordinary?

Let me tell you:

Most people will never do anything out of the ordinary because they follow conventional wisdom and conventional paths through life, which both have the exact same destination – a comfortable life.

Once you get comfortable with life, you settle into routine.

If this routine you have settled into is nothing more than working your job and enjoying your weekends, this is exactly what you will fall into the habit of doing.

Then you will do nothing.

Time will just pass by while you do the same pointless shit every single day.

So comfort isn’t something to aspire for unless you don’t want to do much in life.

Doing anything great requires continual discomfort, becoming an accomplished man requires continual discomfort – everything and anything worth doing requires continual discomfort.

Nothing good comes from comfort.

You allow yourself a little comfort here and there, as a reward for facing discomfort.

You do not indulge in it because it will rot your character and ruin your life without you even noticing.

Let me tell you something from personal experience:

Unless you’re a very driven son of a bitch with a clear mission, living with a woman will make you lazier and more comfortable than anything else.

You’ll do nothing but sit around having sex, eating food, watching television and getting fat.

Don’t believe me?

Go move in with your girlfriend and watch what happens.

Every girl I’ve ever been with has tried to slow me down by telling me I train too much, work too much, read too much, write too much.

I used to listen.

I don’t anymore.

Moving forward – a regular pay cheque is another thing that will make you comfortable and that’s one of the reasons why very driven (and smart) people don’t like jobs.

They understand what happens when you allow yourself to depend on a pay cheque for survival – you get lazy, you get complacent, you become fearful, you become dependent.

Good for employers.

Not good for your life.

It is human nature to desire comfort and security.

Once you have it you don’t want to lose it, but reaching new levels in life and growing as a person DEMANDS discomfort.

That’s why most people never do anything.

It’s the comfort.

Years ago while driving around Sydney with a mentor of mine, I was given some great advice that went like this:


“Most people never get rich or do anything out of the ordinary because they give up once they acquire a comfortable life. They become content with earning enough to get by. They become afraid of losing what they have, and they settle.”


So don’t settle.

Time goes by and it goes by fast.

It goes by even faster when you have a comfortable life.

Now I want you to think deeply about the following:

When you stop living a comfortable life, you don’t necessarily create more time.

That is not what happens.

Instead – your life seems to expand, and you feel as though you have lived a much fuller life, due to the wide range of experiences you have accumulated.

When you do this, you are using a Jedi mind trick to enhance your experience of life.

You will begin to feel as though you have not lived one life, but many lives, and this is exactly how I feel when I look back over time.

I feel as though I have lived one hundred lifetimes because I have never allowed myself to become comfortable.

To understand what I mean at a deeper level, think about it this way:

Have you ever been on a holiday where you experienced many different things?

You probably have.

Now compare the memory of that holiday to the memory of a time when you did the exact same thing, every day, for a long period of time.

If you do it right, you will find that the holiday feels like a lifetime in itself, rich in various experiences, while the long period of time spent doing the same thing, feels like just that – a long period of time spent doing the same thing.

That’s exactly what your life will look like, if you go through it living a comfortable existence and doing the same shit year after year.

It will shrink into a narrow window of experience.

Then you will feel something called regret.


Number VI: Poor Health.

You’re probably wondering what poor health has to do with wasted time?

So think about it.

Have you ever tried working on something when tired or sick?

Wasn’t much fun was it, and you probably didn’t get much done because you were unfocused.

Now imagine feeling like that all the time.

Imagine being tired all the time.

Would you be able to kick ass at life and make good things happen?


That’s why health is the real and only wealth – when you lose it, you have nothing else.

You cannot make the most of life and do great things if you’re fat, sick, tired and lazy.

Even if you become rich and have all the pussy in the world – you cannot enjoy any of it unless you are healthy.

Here is how I like to look at this:

When it comes to health you want to prolong life by getting time on your side.

You do not want to be going against time by speeding up the ageing process.

If you speed up the ageing process, you’ll just run out of time faster.

That’s not the goal.

So how do you get time on your side when it comes to health?


Don’t speed up the ageing process by living an unhealthy life that harms your body.

Instead – take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself by taking responsibility for the vessel that carries you through this life.

Lift weights to keep your body strong, read and perform mental work to keep your mind sharp, eat good food to fuel your system and sleep well because you’ll be useless if you don’t.

As time passes the body and mind will decay naturally, unless you continually place demands on them both.

Fight the ageing process through smart living.

Don’t just rot away.

There is absolutely no need to become frail and weak as you get older – you can maintain your strength, or get stronger.

There is no need to become a zombie who sits in front of the television either – you can keep the mind sharp.

Never listen to people who think life gets worse as you get older.

“Once you hit 30, it’s all downhill from there.”

A moron once said that to me – a moron going nowhere fast.

People who think like this are losers and life will get worse for them as they get older.

Winners on the other hand become healthier, wealthier, happier and more dangerous as time passes.


They invest in the future by making smart choices, while losers only think five minutes ahead.

So take care of yourself, do productive shit that improves your life, stay in shape and things will only get better as you move through time.

Don’t stress too much either.

Stress will eat you alive and ruin your health faster than anything else.


If you find you’re always stressed, you need to do one of two things:

A) Learn how to stop being stressed if your life isn’t the problem.

B) Rebuild your life into a less stressful one if your life is the problem.


At the end of the day, whatever you do, just don’t do nothing.

If you do nothing – you will rot like roadkill.

And nobody likes roadkill.

It just sits around smelling bad, waiting to be cleaned up.


Number VII: ___________

The Seventh Sin is not ready to be revealed yet.

It is the most important of them all.

In time when it is ready, it will be revealed to you.

Then you will have insight into one very powerful source of knowledge.

This knowledge will allow you to predict the future, avoid nasty mistakes and save the time that is lost from making bad decisions.

Going against this knowledge is the Seventh Sin.


That’s all she wrote fellas.

I hope you have gained something of value from the past two articles.

And I hope you apply what you have gained.

Time is limited in this life – money isn’t.

Don’t confuse the importance of money with the value of time.

Time runs out faster than you can know.

You want it on your side and you want it working with you to create the best future possible – for the future is nothing more than the product of how you spend your time in the present.

As a final exercise, here is something I want you to do:

When it is late at night, I want you to sit down next to the clock and listen to it tick.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Then I want you to think about how those ticks you hear are measuring the count down towards the end of your life.

Every tick of the hand moves you closer to death.

The ticks never cease, never slow down, never stop – they just keep going and keep going.

Don’t matter if you’re awake.

Don’t matter if you’re asleep.

Don’t matter what you’re doing.

Tick. Tick. Tick…

Your man,
Maverick Brenton.


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