What Should I Do When I Finish School?

From: The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Advice To School Leavers.

There’s a conversation that I used to have with my little brother.

We had this conversation every few weeks.

It took a little time before he finally got what I was trying to teach him, but he eventually got it.

Often when you plant seeds in this life and in the minds of people, they will never sprout right away – they will need some time, some water and a little sunshine to help them come to life.

Now I am not a patient guy and I do not like waiting.


If I’m planting the seeds of my future, or planting seeds in the mind of another, I will wait like a monk for them to sprout.

I force nothing.

So it was towards the beginning of last year that I was planting seeds in the mind of my little brother.

What we spoke about is a very important subject that can be summed up in one simple question.

A question that every youngster asks, at some point:

What should I do when I finish school?

This is a good question.

However it is seldom answered with a good answer.

That is my goal with this article.

I want to give you the advice that nobody else has the balls to give you.

I want to let you know that it’s ok to not have any desire to go to University or pursue a normal career, like everyone is telling you to.

And I want to show you, what you can do instead.

So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

You ready?

Take a seat, zip your lips and open your ears.

You’re in my classroom now – a classroom where rules don’t exist and balls are more important than brains.

Before we begin I suggest you reach into your pants and make sure that yours are still hanging there.

You’re gonna need em, if you choose to apply my advice.

Let’s get started.


I remember closing in on the end of my prison sentence at school.

Boy was I excited.

The day after I graduated, I got on a bus and moved to another state – goodbye, adios, fuck you.

I’d had enough of listening to school teachers tell me about the importance of getting a good grade so that I could get into a good university and get a good degree which would then get me a good job.

None of that silly shit meant anything to me.

None of these people had what I wanted eitherso I was deaf to their bullshit advice.

And didn’t they just love me for that.

They loved me so much, the headmaster of my old school went out of his way to take my brother aside and advise him not to listen to me.

My brothers reaction?

He just laughed in his face and walked off.

So I had absolutely no interest in living up to the expectations laid out for me by the society I was born into.

You see, after educating myself in history and business, through the obsessive consumption of books, I discovered that school was designed to mass produce slaves – slaves that were then funnelled into industrial society and put into jobs that kept this big old machine running.

You know what I said to that?

“Get fucked.”

I wanted to apprentice myself to the rich men who owned the slaves, I wanted to live an adventure, and I wanted to lift weights.

Which is exactly what I did.

Four years later I’ve got a degree from the school of life and currently I’m earning my bachelors in the art of making a lot of fucking money.

That’s me, but this isn’t about me – it’s about answering your question.

So here is what you need to know if you want to live an unconventional life, instead of doing what everybody else does:

You can do whatever you want to do now.

You are free.

You no longer are required to do what you are told you must do.

Instead of saying yes – you can say get fucked.


Hell yeah it’s awesome, but due to how your brain is wired – you are still going to feel immense pressure from your parents and peers, to go do shit that you don’t want to do.

Most of the people you know are going to sign up for degrees they have no interest in, they’re going to join the military, they’re going to do all the normal shit that normal people expect young people to do when they finish school.

Don’t listen to them.

Ignore them.

Like I’ve said one million times: normal people are experts at working jobs and being slaves – they do not know how to do anything else.

Now there is nothing wrong with working a regular job to make a living.


I’m not here to tell you what everybody else tells you – I am here to show you the path of the unconventional.

What about listening to School Teachers?

Teachers don’t know their asshole from their elbow and they work for the government so fuck them.


Unless you grew up with self-made parents who print their own money – you can’t take advice from them either, or you’ll get what they have.

Now that’s fine if you want what they have, but if you don’t, then it ain’t fine.


You can listen to me if you want what I got.

I live debt free with cash in my pocket, I build businesses and have adventures, I lift weights every day and get my dick sucked while drinking red wine.

Nobody who knows me knows anything about what I do, except for those in my inner circle.

Everyone who is not in my inner circle,
shares a common thought process about me:


“What does Maverick even do? He just seems to move around all the time, drink coffee and lift weights. He must be on welfare or something?”


People have labelled me out of control, reckless, mentally ill and insane – simply because I spend my time reading, moving around, lifting weights and writing articles – instead of doing what everybody else does.

Well baby, like Ben Lee said:

That’s the way I like it

Due to how I’ve set my life up – I pretty much do whatever I want and go wherever I want.

What are my goals?

Become a wealthy businessman, look like a Greek god and write my articles from a $50,000 desk.

That’s all I want.

So coming from me – what should you do if you want to live a great life and write your own script?

Here you are closing in on the end of school, feeling the pressure to pick a career.

What should you do?

You’ve asked this question before no doubt, but you have never asked me.

And as you have probably worked out – my advice isn’t the type of advice you’ll get from mummy or daddy.

My advice, goes a little something like this.


First and foremost, don’t give in to the pressure that you are currently feeling.

The pressure to pick a career, go to university and earn a good degree so that you can get a good job.

Everybody around you will be doing it, everybody around you will be telling you to do it – but deep down you don’t want to do it.

And that’s fine.

Remember what I said earlier?

You no longer have to do what you don’t want to do.

You are free.

University isn’t going anywhere because it’s a fantastic and very profitable business.

It will always be there making money off idiots, putting people in debt for useless degrees and selling overpriced textbooks.

Later in life when you have gained experience and developed knowledge of yourself – you can go to university and you can choose a degree suited to your strengths and interests.

A degree that you know will provide a good return on your investment, once completed.

Right now though, and I’ve gotta be honest: you don’t know shit.

You have literally spent the last decade sitting in a classroom with bubble wrapped walls listening to lectures about nothing.

Everything you have learnt in those classrooms is going to be useless in the real world and that is by design.

School exists to make you a stupid slave who works a job, not a smart individual who creates their own reality.

And so – what does all this mean?

It means that the best thing you can do when you finish school, is go live your life.

That’s it.

Go and live your damn life.

Fuck spending another four years sitting in a classroom studying theory.

Experience is what you need.

So leave home, get out into the world and try absolutely everything – work part time, travel, meet new people, read as many books as possible, build a business, build your body, have plenty of sex, party, do drugs and fuck up as much as possible.


Nobody else will tell you this, so I will:

Your 20’s are a platform for making mistakes, failing and gaining life experience – so you should spend them learning about life and about yourself.

If you go broke trying to start a business in your 20’s, then you gain experience and increase your chances of success later in life.

If you have sex with numerous women, date a lot of girls and get your heart broken a few times, then you learn what you want in a woman, you learn how they work and you lay the foundation for future relationships.

The mistakes you make in your 20’s lay the foundation for your future.

So don’t be afraid to try new things and eat shit from failing.

Just do not make bad mistakes.

What are bad mistakes?

Dying, is a bad mistake.

Getting some nasty hoe pregnant, is a bad mistake.

Earning yourself a criminal record, is a bad mistake.

Bad mistakes fuck up the rest of your life due to the cost they inflict on you, while good mistakes improve your chance of success due to the knowledge they give you.

You should live recklessly and do lots of awesome shit – but use your brain and don’t do things that can ruin your life.

As a young man your balls are going to be pumping out testosterone like a bitch on welfare pumps out babies.

Now all that testosterone will make you want to take risks and this is fine.

Just make sure they are smart ones.

Racing your friend through a busy street, 50km’s per hour over the speed limit – is not a smart risk.

Dropping $5k on a business idea that could potentially give you a return of $10k – is a smart risk.

So your goal upon leaving school must be living your life, learning how you work, how the world works, how money works, how life works.

When you leave high school, you enter the school of life.

In the school of life there are no rules – there are only choices that create outcomes.

And in the school of life, your true education begins.

Remember what Albert Einstein said?

“Education is what remains after you have forgotten everything you learnt in school.”

He’s basically saying what everybody already knows.

School’s a fucking joke that teaches you nothing other than how to follow orders and keep your mouth shut.

If you think you’re the shit because you crushed your exams, I’m sorry to hurt your feelings – but everything you have memorised is of no value outside the classroom.

And due to the method of thinking you have acquired from training your mind to excel at exams, you’re less likely to succeed in life.


People who do well in school often don’t do well in life because excelling in life requires a different type of intelligence, one that isn’t taught or developed in school..

Excelling in life requires some stuff you’ve probably never heard of – stuff like Critical Thinking, Abstract Thinking and Emotional Intelligence.

Excelling in life does not require the ability to memorise bullshit.

Moving forward – when you finish school you are free to do whatever you desire and my suggestion is you make your goal to acquire self-knowledge by gaining life experience.

For most people success in anything is impossible without a decent level of self-knowledge.

With self-knowledge comes the ability to see what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, and where you can insert yourself into the commercial world to maximise the return on your unique strengths.

Put more simply:

When you know your strengths and weaknesses because you have life experience, and you know how the world works because you have studied it – you can choose a field of work that naturally places a strong emphasis on your strengths.

The result is you being able to develop what you are already good at, which eventually leads to you becoming the best, which then leads to a lot of money, supposing you’re in a field that rewards the top performers with a lot of money.

Isn’t that a much better way to choose a career?

Gain life experience, learn how you work, learn how the world works – then find a field that you know you can dominate.

Of course it’s a better way.


So that’s my advice – take it or don’t take it.

The world is yours when you finish school and you’re free to go anywhere you want.

If you want to move to Italy, you can.

If you want to pick fruit in France, you can.

If you want to get rich, you can.

If you want to live an unconventional life, you can.

You’re limited by nothing more than your ability to imagine possibilities and execute on ideas.

You can do whatever you want as soon as you hit 18 – mummy and daddy no longer have a say.

Make the most of the time you have because it goes by quick.

And for anyone wondering what my little brother ended up doing, let me tell you:

He runs his own business; he trains martial arts with an 8th Degree Black Belt, and he lifts weights every day.

Pretty boring life, right?

Almost as boring as mine.

I hope I motivated you in this article and I hope I answered your question.

Now when some stupid motherfucker asks you what job you want to get when you finish school – you can laugh at them and pull out your plane ticket to the other side of the world.

If things get tough or scary while you’re out there in the jungle, remember, it’s all just a game.

A game where you make the rules.

Your man,
Maverick Brenton.

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