A Question That Could Change Your Life.

From: The Desk of Maverick Brenton.
Subject: Planet Earth As Your Playground.

The other night after a cool change had blown through and dropped the temperature in my hometown to a comfortable 20 degrees – I decided to drive out to a quiet place in nature and spend an evening under the stars.

I threw an old mattress on the back of my Ute, grabbed a kerosene lantern from our shed, packed a notepad and pen, then purchased a cigar from the local tobacconist before heading out into the bush.

As I travelled along a bumpy dirt road, I let the cold wind blow through my hair and bring my body back to life.

The heat of summer out here always drains me of my ability to think deeply and be creative – so naturally I favour the cold over it.

And that I did as I watched the sun set and stars awaken, laying on the back of my Ute next to the old smelly lantern.

Outdoors the lantern is great, but indoors, it produces a stench that is rather unpleasant.

So for hours I sat using my toolbox as a desk, writing down my thoughts while smoking my cigar and gazing into the mighty universe above me.

Now and then when my mind was empty of thought and my body relaxed, I would drift away into what seemed like a state of complete concentration – a oneness with the world around me.

All to be heard was the sizzle of my burning cigar, the flicker of my lantern’s flame and the howl of a wild dog.

Out there under the stars and amongst nature – the rest of the world seemed to fade away into nothing.

Moving deeper and deeper into a state of concentration, with the tobacco enhancing my thought, I began to contemplate the life I am living and the things I am doing.

I began to ask the questions we all avoid asking – questions of purpose, questions of meaning.

Why am I here? What is this all about? What is my purpose?

But I failed to realise in the moment that the answers to those questions don’t come in the form of words.

The true answers to those questions cannot be answered in words.

The true answers can be known intuitively, but they cannot be stated in words for words are a creation of mankind; and mankind’s purpose is not a creation of mankind – it’s something much more mysterious and illusive, dwelling underneath the surface of the illusion we know as reality.

And left unable to write in my journal the answers to those mysterious questions, I turned to other questions.

I began to wonder how we can know if we are doing what we truly want to be doing with our life.

I began to wonder if I was doing what I really wanted to be doing.

My mind searched the depths of itself as I puffed on my cigar and sunk deeply into the old lumpy mattress.

After each puff, I breathed in deeply – the cold and fresh air – filling myself with life.

Then a question came to me, my mind had found something.

“If nobody else existed on planet earth, what would I do with my life?”

For a moment excitement boiled away within my body, as I contemplated the possibilities of a life lived in total freedom, without the “burden” of other people.

But after pondering the question for a few minutes – I came to a very depressing answer:

If nobody else existed I wouldn’t do anything.

There would be no point to my life if nobody else existed, there would be no point to my writing if nobody else existed, there would be no point to anything if nobody else existed.

I would be left alone to wander the earth, completely free, but lacking the one thing that is the key to unlocking the true purpose of mankind – which is mankind itself.

Disappointed I slumped against my toolbox with my head in my palm, chewed on my cigar and stared at the flame inside the lantern.

The glass needed cleaning because the smoke had turned it black, allowing only a few rays of light to escape in sections, just enough for me to see the pages of my journal.

Now I began to think again.

I needed a better question; a question that cut through to the heart of what I was seeking to answer.

And if life we’re to become pointless if other people didn’t exist, other people had to be a part of my answer.

Drawing a deep and long breath from the cigar, I allowed my mind to go back into a state of total concentration.

Slowly – the gates of wisdom that hide within us all, began to open.

As time passed I listened to the tree’s blow back and forth in the wind.

I gazed into the twinkling ocean of stars that engulfed the sky above me, making my quest for knowledge seem insignificant.

Here I was a tiny spec of matter; living on a ball made of matter that is floating within in an infinite cosmic ocean of matter – an ocean that exists within the very minds that ponder it.

And now my mind emerged again, from the depths of my being, with a new question – a better question.

A question that has the power to change your life if you think about it deeply.

That question was this:


“If I were alone on planet earth for five years, free and able to create anything I could imagine – what would I spend that time creating, for people to enjoy and pay me for, once they returned to earth?”


This is a very powerful question for numerous reasons.

You see – when we remove people from the equation of life, life itself becomes pointless.


Other people are what make life worth living.

We create memories with other people.

We share food with other people.

We earn money by working for, or providing value to, other people.

We generally create our identity, our self-image, our purpose by relating those things to the perception other people have of us.

If other people don’t exist, there’s no point, because we’re all in this together.

So whatever we decide to do with our life, other people are going to be a part of it and we cannot remove them from it, or the equation of life no longer works.

If you want to get rich you need other people to give you money; and you’ll need other people to make getting rich worthwhile once you have done it.

Huh? What do you mean?

Well ask yourself the following question:

What good is a Ferrari if nobody get’s to see you driving it?

It is no good.

It is impractical and worthless because the entire biological mechanism (Social Status) that makes owning a Ferrari worthwhile, no longer exists -if other people no longer exist.

At the root of the decision, you buy fancy shit like Ferrari’s for other people, not yourself; and the same applies to everything else.

If you want to write books, you need other people to read them.

If you want to paint pictures, you need other people to see them.

If you want to create music, you need other people to listen to it.

Whatever you do, you need other people to make doing it – worth doing it.

Now the problem with other people is simple:

They come with their own desires and their own opinions and their own wishes and they don’t care about what you want; most of them only care about what they want and they will often manipulate or deceive to get what they want.

Due to how our brains are wired from evolution, we are literally hardwired to listen to these people and internalise their opinions.

We are wired with a natural need to be accepted by everyone else.

This causes us to doubt what we truly want to do because we are afraid of what people will think if we choose to do something that goes against what is expected of us.

As a result:

Success in something outside the box is very hard – even unnatural.

To go against what everyone thinks and pursue something that only you can imagine within your mind, is to go against how you are biologically wired.

This is not easy.

And when you have no results, when you have nothing to show for your efforts, when your bank account is getting smaller each day, when your business or your vision just won’t take off – it is very tempting to listen to all the naysayers whispering in your ear to “give up”.

That’s why very few ever do it.

So what happens if we put you on Planet Earth for five years, with everything you need to create whatever you want, and we remove other people for that five years – along with all their doubts and opinions and judgements and criticisms – leaving you free to create whatever you so desire to create?

Well you would be left alone to create whatever you desire to create, free of social pressure, free of expectations, free to be completely yourself.

And then a little lonely but equally excited, you would realise that you can create whatever you want to create.

In anticipation of humanity’s return to earth, you would first go to work by learning how to listen to your own inner voice, by looking at what you could build to make the biggest difference using your gifts, by seeing what you are and are not capable of creating.

You would be free of doubt.

You would be free of fear.

You would become limitless – confined only by your natural aptitude and biological limitations.

The Laws of The Universe will still apply to you, so you can’t go building a spaceship if you’re IQ is 95, and you can’t become the world’s greatest basketball player if you are short and fat.

You don’t have forever either, only five years, so you will need to find what you can dominate.

And you will be free to try whatever the hell you want – nobody can tell you that you can’t do it, nobody can put doubts in your mind, nobody can stop you.

So think deeply now and listen to your intuition.

When mankind returns, what is it that you want to give them?

Is it a series of novels? A gallery of incredible art? A business or product that impacts millions of people?

It can be anything you want, the only requirement being, that it must be what you want.


Have a serious think about this question.

Even though mankind is not going to take a vacation for the next five years so you can figure your shit out – I want you to imagine that to be so.

I want you to consider what you would do if it really was just you, free of conventional expectations and free to do anything (which you already are – you just don’t know it).

What would you do?

Who would you become?

Lock yourself away somewhere quiet, turn off your smartphone, relax deeply and think about what you would build given the circumstances I just explained.

Most people in this world will live their life according to terms set down by people who don’t care about them.

The majority will never experience what it feels like to bring forth a vision from their mind and into reality where it can be touched and experienced and enjoyed.

But the good news is, you and I – we aren’t the majority.

We’re all alone on Planet Earth, in our own world.

And we are free to create whatever we can imagine.


Your man,
Maverick Brenton.

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