My Name Is Maverick Brenton.

I’m A Student of Life.

A Writer.

A Thinker.

And A Passionate Advocate of The Unconventional.

This Website Exists To Make You Think About How You Live Your Life.

It’s A Record of Everything Life Has Taught Me – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

I’m Not Here To Pretend I’ve Got It All Figured Out Because I Don’t.

I’m Not Here To Sell You The Secret To Getting Better Because There Is No Secret.

And I’m Not Here To Bullshit You Because That’s Not Who I Am.

I Am Here To Be Real With You.

So Don’t Expect A Pat on The Back.

And Don’t Expect To Find Conventional Self-Help Material – Preaching The Power of Pretending Everything is Fine When It Isn’t.

Expect To Find The Medicine That We All Need But Refuse To Take:

The Truth.

Therefore The Content On This Website May Challenge You On A Deep Level.

But If You Are Willing To Apply It – Your Life Might Improve A Little.

And You Might Begin To See What You Could Not See Before. 


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