My Name Is Maverick Brenton.

I Am A Writer, A Student of Life and A Passionate Advocate of The Unconventional.

This Website Is An Extension of The Philosophy That Governs My Life – A Philosophy That Holds Individual Freedom and Non-Conformity As It’s Highest Ideals.

The Purpose of My Work is Threefold:

To Guide You Towards Lives Of Freedom & Well Defined Purpose.

To Inspire You To Live With A Passionate Loyalty To Your Own Heart & Your Own Desires.

And To Lead Through Example By Taking You With Me On My Journey From A Broken and Insecure Boy – To A Successful and Well Rounded Man.

In This World of Money Flashing Influencers, Profit Driven Companies and Bullshit Peddling Con-Artists, I Exist Before You As An Authentic Individual Who Belongs To No Cause Except My Own.

I Have No Religion. I Have No Government. I Have No Master.

And I Don’t Want Your Money Unless You Believe My Work Has Changed Your Life.

No Matter Your Race, Your Skin Colour or Your Background – You Are Welcome Here.

Within The Archives You Will Find A Collection of World-Class Articles On Motivation, Money, Important Life Questions, Health and Physical Training – In Addition To My Own Meditations on Life.

Whether You Choose To Accept or Disregard My Work Is Your Choice.

 I Can Only Tell You What I Care About More Than Anything Else:

How To Find Freedom In A World That Is Designed To Make You A Slave.

Welcome To Website For Rebels.


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